Friday, September 30, 2011

5 Things most unlikely.

You know how you have things that you would never do? Big things. Small things? Not obvious things like go to the local shopping centre and fire a gun around, you wouldn't do that but what else?What would you never do. What can't you doWhat are you incapable of doing? I want to know. I think it says a lot about who you are and says a lot about your personality.
 I want to know. I find this stuff fascinating.

I will start so you can clearly see that your little idiosyncrasies are what make you who you are. And I want to know yours.

I will start so your will seem quite normal in comparison I think.

So the things it would be most unlikely for me to ever do are:
  • Wear a sports club jersey/ tshirt of any kind. No club colours. Nothing. I don't *get* sport.
  • Walk past a rug that is wrinkled or flicked over on one side and NOT straighten it. Never. I cannot do this. (Apparently this is a genetic trait as a certain Ms 4 cannot do this either)
  • Sit without fidgeting.  ( this seriously drive Chef mental but I can't help it! Unlike my friend T who is like a log. We use to sit in work meetings together and I just can't get over how she would sit back straight hands on lap and not move. Like a log. If I am trying not to fidget I try to channel her)
  •  Eat McDonald's, KFC, Hungry Jacks or other similar. never. ever.
  • Wear Pj's with Teddy bear's on them. In fact wear anything withTeddy's on it.
What are your 5 things? Tell me!!!
By the way. Still doing no sugar although did make a choice to have apple pie last weekend, it wasn't to give into a craving, I just decided I wanted it, we had people over. It was nice. Nothing since. Feeling good.


  1. Hmm, 5 whole never ever things? Good think. Hang one whilst the brain churns.
    1. I would never ever cheat on my husband & I hate people that do that. It's immoral.
    2. Never ever drink coffee. I don't need the extra zing, I already have it thank you very much.
    3.I'd never jump a queue. Never. I'll stand back patiently whilst all the other morons queue jump!
    4. I'd never wear a tracksuit in public.. or at home. No.
    5. I'd never NOT say hello. I always say hello - even if I don't know you, I'd say hello & smile.


  2. i love knowing peoples little things that make them, them.
    i could never...
    1. wear ugg boots, just cant do it.
    2. hang washing out from the hem, has to be under the arms.
    3. brush my hair, i shudder at the thought
    4. keep the tomato sauce in the cupboard, must be in the fridge
    5. not sit cross legged, i do it always. on the couch, the floor, i would sit cross legged at a restaurant if it were at all acceptable ;)

  3. What a great topic! I've only just started following and never commented here before but I can't help but join in on this. Okay. I'm totally with you on:
    1. wear sports team/club gear
    2. eat McDonalds
    and I'll add
    3. have a party All About Me
    4. go to Las Vegas
    5. wear leopard print
    But I AM likely to check back here and read more responses!

  4. This is fun and interesting :0)

    I could never:

    1. wear leopard print!
    2. Wear a mini skirt
    3. Sit through a game of tennis
    4. have a snake as a pet
    5. keep to a house cleaning schedule

  5. I am wioth Rie with the never cheating, I would never wear a tracksuit ever & I woudl never wear snakeskin print or really any animal print ( but think it really suits some people- just not me) and I cannot believe there is even such a thing as a house cleaning schedule, it goes without saying that I would not keep to one.

  6. Love this!
    1) I would never wear orange or yellow clothing or a skivvy.
    2) I would never drink scotch. (bad childhood experience).
    3) I would never buy caged aggs. (and bloody hell that's all they sell up here).
    4) I would never buy acrylic yarn (and bloody hell that's all they sell up here).
    5) I will never look at people strangely if they tell me they met on the internet afterall, that's how I met you Ms lovely chooky.

    Have a fabbo weekend. xx

  7. who would wear a skivvy? I feel tight around the wind pipe just thinking about it.

  8. He he, this makes me giggle! I used to love my skivvy. So comfy cosy. Now I don't wear them because they make my boobs look huuuuge (er).
    I would never:
    1. Bungy jump, my survivial instinct is way to strong to throw myself off a high place.
    2. Eat a huhu grub even to convince my son that they are edible. Thankfully he put it in his mouth and munched it without needing my proof.
    3. Sleep under synthetic fibres, uggh.
    4. Try reading "A Suitable Boy" again. It sticks in my mind as the most boring book ever.
    5. Willingly eat mushrooms. They are FUNGUS.

  9. oh I like this.
    1. I would never get boob implants.
    2. Wear a mini skirt, or anything very short or revealing or super tight. I would also never wear something too matchy matchy or frilly.
    3. live in a minimalist modern styled house.
    4. Tell someone to fuck off.
    5. Have a small white fluffy dog.
    have a great weekend xo

  10. I've been thinking about this for a while and have come up with this.
    1. learn to drive
    2. Be a supervisor
    3. Eat meat again
    4. Watch Friends. The ads make me confused as to why I ever did!
    5. And one thing I hope to never be again is a smoker.

    it took me ages to think of the last one and it really should have been number one!

  11. Fabulous post.

    I will be unlikely to ever...

    1. eat a cooked pea (makes me vomit. Yuck)
    2. get a Brazillian
    3. crochet or knit food
    4. run a marathon (heck, let's say even half a marathon)
    5. bungee jump

  12. PS agree with Kate- will never buy caged eggs. I have worked on a chook farm and cannot do anything that would support the caged bird industry.

  13. i would never......

    1. smoke again (thanks beebeeoko)
    2. lick a cane toad
    3. wear a jumpsuit
    4. get a perm
    5. bungee jump


  14. Bit challenging for a Friday night (and I know as soon as I hit 'post', I'll change my mind) - but here goes.

    I would never:
    1. regret having my children, ever ever
    2. stop creating
    3. smoke
    4. get a tattoo, not because I dislike tattoos, but because I am too indecisive.
    5. have a perfectly clean, organised house - where's the fun in that?

  15. This is great, I love everyone's lists.
    I'm finding it hard to just chose 5... here goes...

    1. buy caged eggs, or meat that isn't farmed ethically (not that I eat meat often)
    2. eat macdonalds, kfc, or any of that other junk they pass off as food
    3. wear lot's of makeup
    4. buy replica designer furniture
    5. go diving, I struggle to put my head underwater, even in the shower

    Good work on the sugar front!
    Have a great weekend.

  16. Such great responses! I only had one really, although I can add a few more looking at these lists ~ mainly to do with skivvies, smoking and tattooes. And cheating.
    But for me...

    Never ever touch a spider - even with a broom, shoe, or tissue. Creeps me out!

  17. i love this game, so hard to think of 5

    1. I would never eat an animal
    2. I would never fight with, swear at or confront anyone
    3. I would never sit and watch the grandfinal
    4. tracksuits are for exercising, NOT fashion wear, same goes with runners
    5. I would never wear bright coloured clothes

  18. This is amusing.
    I will never, ever...
    1. Wear something patch-worked and quilted - no snazzy vests for me!
    2. Eat oysters. Ppl liken them to snot eeew!!
    3. Be good at times tables.
    4. Get all my UFO's finished.
    5. Tell my deepest, darkest secret. To anyone. Ever.

  19. ha ha i've loved reading through the responses, i agree with sooooo many of them!
    * i can't sit still, except when i'm asleep, then you can't move me.
    * i can't stand the bed not being made when i'm going to get into it. i'll most likely remake it and then get in (a bit like the rug thing i think...)
    * i'll never be finished everything on my to-do list, never ever.
    * i'll never wear thongs/sandals/ballet flats and socks. or tracksuits in public unless for exercise...
    * and like rie, i'd never jump a queue. i yell at people when they cut in front of me in a queue, it's just the height of rudeness basically. you're saying that your time is far more important than those people who are behind you, rant rant rant...

  20. Ok here are mine
    1. Eat sago pudding EVER
    2. Choose to go up a ladder
    3. Stop riding my bike
    4. Have black as the staple colour of my wardrobe
    5. Understand numbers
    Enjoy your weekend ♥

  21. Hmm, I've been trying to think of my 5 things while reading everyone elses...
    1. Go skydiving. Thats just crazy
    2. Not sing in the car to my favorite songs. What's the point of listening if I can't sing?
    3. Sell my children to gypsies. Though I do threaten to often.
    4. Steal anything.
    5. Eat sushi. Fish should be cooked people!

  22. Interesting to think about and to read everyone elses...
    1)Never have less then 4 books on the go at any one time.
    2)Never wear a bikini..ever.
    3)Never stop thinking that second-hand/re-cycled/re-purposed is best even if I could afford new.
    4)Never have enough time...I truly can't imagine getting everything I want to done.
    5)Never say never...I have sort of learnt that it's the quickest way to be proved wrong..

  23. I love this!! I am happy to read the tracksuit thing as that is probably my number 6.

  24. Love this and reading other people's lists!

    1. Get a tattoo.
    2. Get a perm (since I already have the frizziest thickest out-of-control hair of anyone I know - when I did have a perm (in the 80's) it did nothing to improve the situation)!
    3. Have another child - three seems to be enough and the delivery of #3 is still pretty fresh in my mind!
    4. Get married again - I quite like the guy I'm with at the moment!
    5. Own a poodle of any colour, size or type.

  25. There are so many awesome responses to this post that it inspired me to make a list too!

    a) Leave an unread magazine in a communal area (If I haven't read it-Don't even think about it!!)
    b) Watch an entire episode/movie without looking at books, checking twitter or talking on the phone.
    c) To have less than 5 things on the go at any one time
    d) Give in to the kids constant requests for more pets.. enough people, enough.
    e) Live in a home that is totally organised -eg. has anyone seen the hot glue gun? my friend confidently replies
    "Last time I saw it, it was in the Bathroom!! That's what I'm talking about!!!

  26. Hmmm....

    1) I will never wear stiletto shoes
    2) I will never buy expensive gold jewels that makes one arm longer than the other
    3) I will never allow my disabled son to tuck his shirt into his track pants!!!!!!
    4) I will never fuss over my hair
    5) I will never waste money on an expensive car

  27. Oh, I can't think of my five...but I just wanted to say what a laugh I have had at everyone elses 5- thanks Cath.
    I will, no doubt, keep thinking about this!


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