Monday, September 26, 2011

When Men had it so good.

So we have been watching Mad Men  (actually watching it on this thing we have that hooks up our hard drive to our TV- I don't really get it but I love it, plus it has a very small remote with hardly any buttons and I like that)  .  We haven't been this obsessive about a series since The Wire -we love it. In case you are even later than me to discover it , Mad Men is set in the 1960s, at the fictional Sterling Cooper advertising agency on Madison Avenue in New York City. 

If you are trying to give up smoking do not watch it. Lordy I think am getting lung cancer from all that passive smoke I am being exposed too! And if you are trying to curb your drinking don't watch it either. They are not impartial to a scotch at any time and often. What shocks me about the show is it really highlights how far we have come. Seriously the sexism is absolutely mindblowing.  seeing this as part of the show not what the show is about fascinates me. The little things the wives say about there husbands and the way the characters interact with each other is fascinating.

No wonder we had to burn our bras and get violent and angry. Men had it so good. No wonder they didn't want to let go of that power and control. It was a time when men made every decision and women obeyed. There place was in the home serving their men. *Hurumph*

The point of this post is basically to have a good excuse to search google images for pictures of  the main character Mr Don Draper.
What is not to love about Mr Draper. I know I know, he is completely f*cked up and treats women in an appalling manner but he is so handsome he makes me swoon. Swoon! Swoon I tell ya. I am not normally one to swoon but swoon I am. Apparently I am not alone and the mere mention of the words Mad and Men had several women I know get a faraway misty looks in their eyes as they muttered the words Donald Draper...

Just one more...

And then there is Joan. She makes me swoon too. She is smokin'. Can you imagine walking around the earth looking like that? I can't.

She is beautiful beyond beautiful. She has a beautiful voice and she is smart and clever and great.
So if you haven't checked it out now is a great time to catch up as apparently they are making series 5 now. It is worth it for the clothes and shoes alone. ( and of course Mr Draper.)


  1. Mad Men is on my 'must get into it' list and I'm hoping that one day I will be able to start at the top of that list (I think Northern Exposure kicked it off, so it might be a while...)

    I remember having a convo with my husbie about the 'old way' of doing things versus what we do now. He was adamant that men missed out even more than women in those days because they did not have a relationship with their children, were unable to express emotion and did not have an experimental wife in the bedroom... Some days I actually think he has a point! x

  2. I finished watching Series 4 a few months ago and just can't wait for 5! I don't mind all the politically incorrect blatant inequality for women because it's in a historical setting and is just so interesting portrayed realistically. It does make me appreciate some of the attitudes we've moved on from though.

  3. I have still not seen this!
    I think I need to!X

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  5. I watched some of the first season way back when... love love LOVED the costumes and sets, not so much the sexism. The same thing hits me watching re-runs of I Dream of Jeannie and The Brady Bunch - I am appalled and intrigued at the same time. It's fascinating to see how much attitudes have shifted in such a relatively short space of time... and how far we still have to go.

    And Don Draper... most swoon worthy indeed...

  6. I am one of the endangered species who has Never Gone There. I can't think why. Everything about it looks gaspingly fabulous...

  7. One of the best series I've ever watched... waiting to see the latest season on DVD.

    I too loved The Wire... so it would seem we have similar TV taste... so I'll tell you that we watched Rake (an Australian TV series) on DVD this weekend and it was fabulous too. Very very good. If you haven't already give it a go.

  8. thanks for the morning eye candy...don draper or george clooney? hmmmmm.....

  9. sawoooooooon!
    whenever i watch madmen, i tend to drool a lot ha ha! absolutely hanging out for the next season to start airing :D

  10. New here, hello! LOVE your header- are you the one who makes those awesome quote pillows? I have one in my favorites! What a small world :)

  11. "Joan" wore a gown by Australian designer Johanna Johnson to the Emmy's last week. It was worth $20,000. Luckily for Johanna the work paid off - her site crashed and her business is booming.

    It's a fabulous well done


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