Sunday, December 04, 2011


I don't even know where to start in telling you about our Thailand adventure.  We had such a fabulous time. We did things we have never done before and we saw things that we have never seen before. We smelt things that we never want to smell again. We laughed and cackled and cried tears of joy. We were humbled by the generosity and kindness shown towards us- particularly to Busy and we had fun. So much fun. I will let the pictures do the talking:

Bangkok tuk tuk- I really want one. 
about the only authentic thing about the floating markets was the people selling food to the stall holders selling tourist crap. So disappointing.

street food Bangkok style- did you know Bangkok was also known as the Big Mango?? The street food was fascinating to us, so much was served in a plastic bag. 

street art- Bangkok- love it. 

we went swimming every day and after about the first week Busy could swim! by herself! 
Busy spent the first few days in Bangkok like this. I was mortified then later just let her do it.

The first few times we left the hotel in Bangkok Busy was not coping, it was hot and it did smell and she walked around like this a lot. She was much happier in a tuk tuk so we caught a lot of them.

Spanish architecture in Phuket (or as we called it Poo poo ket)

our hotel pool with swim up bar at Phuket- what a bloody great invention that is. I discovered Mojitos here. Love.

Phuket. Hmmmm. Lots of backpackers and parts of it had a very seedy feeling- even in the middle of the day. We didn't see it at night a lot as we were tucked up in bed with a sleeping Busy watching cheap DVDs but I shudder to think. I saw way too many dirty old men with young Thai girls and instantly assumed the worst and spent a lot of time scowling. Wondering how young they were? were they Ok?? It was too confronting.

feeding monkeys

they make me very nervous

they just look sinister to me! 
sunset at Krabi- it doesn't get better than this

When we arrived in Krabi I felt like I was really really on holidays. We stayed at the most beautiful resort- we got a great deal - and the staff were so lovely and kind.  I think seeing those big rocks jutting out of the water with my feet in the sand while we gorged on soft shell crab  and watched the sun set was indeed a highlight. Busy was immediately adopted by all the staff and was greeted with great excitement every time they saw her she was  given little presents allowed large servings of icecream and patted and adored by all  - it was so luxurious this place- far beyond anywhere we had ever stayed. I did not want to leave.

long boats ready for the days fishing

millions of crabs on the sand
this island was all ours - for a few hours anyway...

cruising on our long boat - it was one of my favourite days

feeding tropical fish

deep fried bugs anyone?

our glorious room at Koh Samui with our own pool overlooking the beach.  yes it was awesome. 

beautiful rickety wharf at Koh Samui

Buddha was everywhere including a huge gold statue at Koh Samui. It was hard to explain all of this  to busy as we have so far not gone there with religion. 

13000 people die each year in road accidents in Thailand . I learnt this fact when we watched The Hangover 2, set in Thailand. We saw a woman breastfeeding on the back on a motorbike. It was not uncommon to see 3 people on a motorbike. No one seemed to hold on to the person driving. No one wore helmets. No car seats in cars. It gave me heart palpitations. 

yes, Busy is really feeding a tiger cub. Koh Samui zoo

see that little baby elephant? It is one month old- it was so little when we were feeding him he couldn't yet use his trunk properly. the cuteness was too much for all of us. I cried! Koh Samui zoo

We were forced to make choices we didn't want to.The zoo one was most difficult. We had heard things about it that sounded pretty bad but we also knew you could pat a tiger and see Elephants and Busy was busting to see an elephant again.  We had to weigh it all up and eventually we decided to go.... it was better than I thought and Busy loved it so much. The animals seemed well looked after but as if I would have a clue really. A few days prior to this we had seen some elephants on the side of the road near Krabi

But seeing this one month old baby elephant made it all worthwhile. He was so cute. Tears again. Lip tremble. 

I realised very early on I am not a backpacker anymore. I want luxury with my adventure these days I work hard so I want to indulge when I am on holidays. I like coming home to a made up bed and clean towels, air con  and room service if I want it. I think Chef could probably rough it easily but not me, I have been there and done that.  It was interesting to see how not a lot had changed yet so much had. Backpackers have laptops these days and sit in cafes using free wifi posting pictures on facebook.  But they still have golden tans, dirty feet and hangovers. 

 I like holidays with lots of markets and lots of good food and a bit of street chaos. This had all of that. It really was something for everyone. It was easy to get around and we had a few hilarious moments where there was major communication breakdowns - it was so funny- as it almost always involved Chef. We got use to saying things like 'lets get a tuk tuk' and bargaining with people about the price of everything. I bought Busy a beautifully embroidered skirt and when the people at the hotel saw it and asked how much I paid they said " too much"-in a nice way. But when I explained it cost me less than I pay for a coffee they couldn't believe it!   I didn't barter for a lot of things as I was completely happy to pay $3 for a dress for Busy etc.  We had amazing massages and I had my first ever pedicure- I am converted- loved it - and manicure. 

We started talking in broken English to each other which was weird but were surprised how many people spoke English and how well they did. We learnt to say hello and thank you in Thai and this was appreciated especially  when the small blonde curly one did it.  Busy was happy to swim every day and just be with us. It really is the land of Smiles.

I have lots more pictures. I haven't even got to our favourite place yet. 


  1. I was in Phuket 20 years ago as a backpacker and I remember feeling really uncomfortable hanging out in the bars where children were selling cigarettes to the tourists.My fellow backpackers couldn't quite get my unrest. But I did love hanging about the pool bar. Looks very much like the one in your photo.
    Welcome back!

  2. YAY! SO happy you had such a wonderful time, despite some challenges and confronting things. I remember similar issues and feeling uncomfortable when I was there briefly a few years back.
    glad it didn't completely ruin it.
    happy to have you back too xo

  3. Busy, you are such a trooper - Did you try lots of new foods. I am so jealous that you got to feed that tiger..and see that baby elephant. I would have wanted to huggy squeeze that tiger just a little bit...

  4. Welcome home! Mr desperately wants to go to Thailand so if and when we go I'll be picking your brains for the do's & dont's & the go's & stay away's, I am a pampered traveller, so I definitely want a pool of my own too!!

    Poor Busy in Poo Poo ket! I don't know if I could cope with all that myself!

    Gorgeous photos, so glad you had a great time, missed you!

  5. Wow it sounds completely amazing. I don't think I could ever cope with Phuket.. but KohSamui is right up my alley!
    Did you try the deep fried bugs?

  6. It sounds divine! Your own pool! Amazing.
    Lovely to have you back!


    WOW this pictures are amazing.

    I totally hear you about struggling with what you see and etc... loud and clear.

    LOVE the pics of busy feeding the fish and lion. The fish one is the best. In the wild - they come by choice - love it.

    SO looking forward to more!

  8. Looks like such an amazing time. Fabulous. The photos are awesome. Brings back faded memories from way too long ago.

  9. Wow!! What an amazing holiday!!
    Welcome home.

  10. OMG, you are so lucky to experience this with Busy. Just fabulous! x

  11. I was just thinking of you today! So glad that you had a wonderful time, and hope you're enjoying being home too xo

  12. We spent three weeks in Thailand back in 2006. I loved so much about it. Great photos that bring back great memories for me. Thanks.

  13. Oh my goodness what an awesome holiday! Such amazing sights and what fabulous memories for little Busy. Can't wait to see the next set of photos!

  14. I love your photographs and descriptions. It sounds like you had an amazing time. And the photo of the rickety old wharf is stunning - I didn't see the dog till the second time around!

  15. Sounds like a wonderful holiday Cath. Busy is adorable! Some beautiful photos..I look fwd to seeing more.

  16. Welcome home Cath and family :)

    I remember the tuk tuks from my visit there over 20 years ago. I loved them too, though was in fear of my life when we were actually part of the traffic.

    I discovered Mojitos last New Year's. Yum!

    Beautiful animals. Something that Busy (and you) will always remember.

    We have been back from Vanuatu for nearly 6 weeks and I still haven't blogged about it yet so you are doing well. I look forward to seeing more.

  17. That looks AH-MAZING! Busy looks so engrossed in the new things she is seeing and doing in every photo. I felt this massive "exhale" for you- it looks like the trip was exactly what you needed. xxx

  18. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!
    We stayed in Poo poo ket for a few weeks three years ago and I could still smell it and feel it while scrolling through your pics.
    So pleased you three had such a fab time.
    So happy to have you back. I missed you heaps. xx

  19. Wow! So many fabulous photos. What a great time you've had. Laughed and laughed about the nose-holding - there's nothing quite like the honesty of a child! :)) Kx

  20. Love the photos! Busy looked so happy! What great memories... have you bought home new food ideas for the everyday Aussie dinner table??

  21. The photo of the sunset/beach - is absolutely amazing.

  22. Oh what lovely post!! Great to have you back Cath, glad it was heaven on a stick. Oooh I so want to go. x

  23. Looks amazing, I can't wait to go now!
    Sar x

  24. Weeping in joy for you guys!!! And in envy for myself... sounds and looks amazing! So glad you had such a great time. :D

  25. How on earth did I miss that you were going on holiday! Looks like you had a wonderful time.

  26. The memories :)

    You have given Busy the most vivid childhood memories to look back on.


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