Friday, March 13, 2009


To celebrate the launch of my blog and the arrival of the Chirpies in my Etsy shop I am having a competition! The lovely chirpy pictured is up for grabs. Her name is Oleander and she is made from cotton and corduroy. She is about 20cm tall. Isn't she sweet?

To win Oleander, all you have to do is comment on the following question:

If I had $10 million I would save the world by.......

You have a couple of weeks to think about it - as I will announce the winner on 10th April, 2009. Be as creative as you like. Go on now- get crackin'.


  1. feeding the hungry and sharing about the importance of love.
    :) great giveaway. tweeter is SO cute.

    reach me via

    and there is a giveaway on my blog:

  2. id set up some non-profit organisations to raise money and to keep the $10miillion going and growing...
    im sure $10mill can get used quickly as there are SO many people in need!
    Id also set up free for all in need education programs!

  3. Oh gosh - you're making us all think! I guess it's all just a drop in the ocean but I would like to slot in to some of the organisations that help people to learn new skills, set up small businesses, etc and get support to sustain and support their families. There are so many positive follow on aspects for people's emotions and communities.

  4. Have you ever noticed that it takes a disaster for people to come together yet we're living day to day with disasters around us? So odd... and yet driven by how much media exposure something has...

    So, given that, part of that 10 million would go into an advertising budget! Hopefully once things got into swing & people could see what we were up to, the publicity would move on its own...

    Part of the money would go into setting up fundraising events on a massive scale, subsidised by sponsorship & grants....

    Part of the money would go into education of the people on the ground, whether its the people working on the cause or the people at the effect of the issue.

    And here is the thing I'm passionate at looking at....
    The massive homeless population (if you think about it, this starts at your own front door and then occurs all over the world). So coming at the root cause rather than bandaiding the symptoms.

    A study by the Salvation Army found that most long term homeless and/or addicts return to that life because its the only place they know "community". So you can give them a house and stuff, but unless you recreate who they are for themselves, really get what their concerns are, support them and hold them accountable for creating what they need and want, the natural human craving to be "part" of something is highly likely to see them return to what they know...

    Rant over :p

  5. Not that $10 million would save the whole world, but I'd start in my state, helping people who have lost their jobs by creating a fund with advisers who could make part of that money grow.

    People would have to submit entries of why they're worthy of getting help.

    Next, I would use part of the money to get lobbyists to stop raising taxes on everything while this economy is so rough.

    I believe in working out from my neighborhood and inner circle, to the state and to the country.

    Organizations to retain people and getting them off the streets are wonderful and they exist.

    I'd like to have a company that finds jobs for people, helps them to do job searches and matches employees with employers.

    Peoople need to unite and get through life together.

  6. i think that if I had $10 million to save the world I would... hmmm difficult... is a lot... but not a lot for the world... I would probably like to do something for the animals... like the bears that have to dance all chained up with their noses... and the sad dogs that have the mange.... I would like to set up a series of sancturies in 3rd world countries which employed local people to care for the animals, and they could be taught their skills by the volunteer educated vets that will visit... international volunteers will come to clean and build things for the animals using things from the animals environments that are being ruined... and tourists can observe the progess and aid in the caring for the animals and the loving of the babies and generally just give the organisations more cash through entry fees and donations... yep thats my plan... i believe of course it is already happening but I think we need too care for the animals better:)
    I love the animals:)It's our fault they are experiencing such bad things and we should fix it.

  7. I would donate a lot of money to the Red Cross and try to stop the genocide in Darfur. If there was any money left over, I would give micro loans to people in developing countries to try and make sustainable development a reality. If we do not take care of the environment, there is no future for us! I adore your tweeters and would love to win :) Thank you for the giveaway.

  8. Oh my goodness, what a hard question. I would use $10million to give to an organisation that loans money to women to set up their own businesses. Then it's the gift that keeps going as when the loan is repaid someone else gets the money.

    Your little birds are adorable!

  9. buying all the forests and keeping them safe from the woodchipping men!

  10. Would $10 million buy world peace? I think probably not but that would be wonderful wouldn't it.

  11. If I had 10 Million dollars to save the world - I would do whatever I could to to invest the money with a high return, and help the homeless and hungry.
    I would want the money to go toward not just feeding them, but also giving them the tools and knowlege to help themselves.
    I find it very disturbing that anyone has to go to sleep hungry or without a roof over their head. I thank God every night that my children have a full belly and a warm bed to lay in.
    Idon't think 10 million would do it all, but you have to start somewhere:)

  12. I would set up a non profit organisation called "Saving The World" and do everything I could, with an excellent team, to do just that :)

  13. If I had 10 million doll hairs I would save the world by spreading the wealth of course. First off would be money to find a cure for Lupus and cancer then would be money send to Swaziland for the children who have lost their parents due to aids and then, if there was any left, I would fly down to Australia and spy on my dear Flossy-P's wedding. (I know that last one wouldn't save the world but it would give me great pleasure.)

    Wonderful creatures.



  14. If I had $10 million, I would save the world by digging wells in places where lack of clean drinking water kills more people than anything. Water. Clean water could save the world.

    And Oleander is quite yummy--my Lucy would find her delicious!

  15. Ooooh! She's so cute.

    If I had $10M, I would start free after-school art programs for children. There's a saying, "educate the child or jail the adult," and although art education for children might not show immediate results, I think in the long run, the impact would be enormous.

  16. these are so much fun!

    with 10 million, i'd like to figure out how to teach the children of the world how to garden - heal our health, our planet, and our souls.

  17. If I had $10 Million..

    It's not that much so I would start in my neck of the woods and invest in things that can expand and spread.

    I would spend $2M to buy a bunch of blocks of land and establish a Community Land Trust

    I would spend $2M to invest in DiY community development initiatives.

    I would spend $3M on renewable energy infrastructure.

    I would spend $1M on primary health

    I would spend $2M on establishing a Restorative Justice scheme.

    Investing in the future and cleaning up the past.

    Great question to ask!


  18. I'd invest in ethical businesses, particularly those who try to get the word out through their business about what unethical things happen in business.

    I'd also want to make a difference at an individual level, so I'd try to find people who can't afford the surgery they need, for example, and pay for it for them.

    Found you via EtsyCraftivists, great blog!

  19. $10 million, Save the world by spending it, our economy could use a $10 million boost. I'd buy houses for hard working people living paycheck to paycheck.

  20. 10 mill.......

    i think i would try to somehow put it into projects that keep growing....

    i would somehow teach the world about love, tolerance and acceptance....(but i might also need a miracle for that!)

  21. I would buy back houses for at least some of the people who have lost theirs due to circumstances beyond their control, supplying the food banks, Creating Community Gardens to help empower people and bring an end to hunger, programs for disadvantaged children, programs to help victims of abuse get back on their feet, donate to Habitat for Humanity, create and agency to donate pet food and vet careto families struggling to provide for and keep their pets ...I could go on but the 10 million would be gone before then!

  22. If I had ten million dollars to save the world I would probably do someting for animals as well! I would open a shelter to rehabilitate abused, abandoned, homeless dogs. I would also love to have an organic farm where I could grow baby vegetables and adopt pygmy goats, miniature horses, and little pigs. I would have a farm of miniature things! I would then donate veggies and proceeds to homeless shelters and families in need. My farm would also be an education center for children to learn about taking care of animals and growing and eating veggies! I am getting carried away here, off to eat some baby carrots haha!

  23. If I had 10 million dollars i would probably donate most of it to schools. I think we need to educate the children on ways to rebuild our communities, and ways to revive and save the earth. I would also donate to the elderly services to help insure better caregivers and medical attention to the elderly.

    Thank you for giving me the chance to participate in this! my birthday is april 10th... but even if i don't win i really enjoyed reading all of the awsome things people would do for our world if they received 10 million dollars! Bless you!

  24. I'm very boring I would probably give it to my local hospital . I'm in a small town and then we could have advanced medical equipment like .... bandages !
    clares craftroom

  25. 1. Set up fund so money continues to grow.
    2. Fund projects that provide education and job training to women.
    3. Fund micro loans for women owned small biz.
    4. Plant trees.
    5. Provide families with nets to help protect them from malaria.
    6. Help promote basic healthcare for everyone.
    7. Encourage people to get involved in projects in their community and give what they can.

    Not that all that could be paid for with just that amount, but still. I would love to win, but I don't know if you want to send something all the way to the US.

    Anyway, love the ideas and the softies. LynAnne Smucker


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