Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wabbits wabbits everywhere


Soooo, last Friday I get a phone call from a very local shop and they want some wabbits to put in the window for Easter. I am thinking happy days might have to make a couple for Easter so I said feeling brave and thinking maybe I should try to up sell- " were you thinking 5 or 10?" "on no...we were thinking more like...(wait for it)........30"( yes thirty. thirty. three- zero)....once oxygen re- entered my body I said "yeah sure that's fine. ( trying be all cool and casual which I wasn't) . Got off the phone, did little jump around and quick happy stamping of feet- then I panicked! Which I am not really prone to doing. Rang Chef. He calmed things down.

So I am making some progress ...(I can hear you thinking - shouldn't she be sewing now rather than positng on her blog?? )- but Busy is asleep and the machine wakes her during the day... So I have made one complete wabbit just to time him ( about 2 hours in total) ( the one on the left is a custom order , I am keeping them together in a basket hoping they will breed when I am asleep) I have completed 15 carrots, cut and done hand sewing ( eye lids and mouth) for 8 and have cut another 8. I will keep you posted. Chef is referring to himself as the wabbit widower...

.....and thankyou to the very lovely and very very very talented flossy-p for making my little Tweeter Button. mwah x


  1. Ooh exciting!!! You'll get there! They're so cute. I hope they breed for you, fingers crossed.

  2. Congratulations, that is wonderful.


  3. love your wabbits! May they mutiply and multiply and multiply....


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