Thursday, April 09, 2009

and the winner is........................................................

Thankyou to everyone who entered I hope it made you all have a little thought. I guess what I was trying to get people to think about is that its not about the amount of money but how you spend it.

Almost everyone wanted to reinvest the money and make it grow but the winner cut right to the chase, we all know that if we educate women we save families from poverty , so the winner has to be Penny (HOOOORRAAAAAAAAAAAAYY!!!!!) who said she would lend the money to women for micro loans that they would pay back and the money would be reinvested so other women could also benefit. So simple yet so amazingly good. Love it- have always been a big fan of this.

In fact, so much so, that I quite often donate some money over here. If you are feeling in the mood have a look and get involved its a brilliant idea - and the whole website is very inspiring and once you start you will become addicted... perhaps we could get to $10 millions in donations know...if we all pitch in...over time...

thanks everyone.
Penny- Oleander awaits but she needs to know where she is flying too...


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