Sunday, July 19, 2009

crime watch

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At times I find myself watching one of the plethora of crime shows on every week. I hate myself for watching them as - lets be honest- do I need to hear about all that blood and core ? Not really. But honestly I could not tell you the difference between them... they all have women wearing very tight clothing who are very attractive ( according to Hollywood anyway) usually partnered with an attractive man again by Hollywood standards)... there is often a " quirky computer nerd " who can find out things on a computer that seem quite amazing... they all start with a dead body and the detectives waltzing into the crime scene like they own the place... they always find the piece of evidence to nail the criminal in the equivalent to finding a needle in a hay stack, they always get a suspects fingerprints in a deceptive way- here is a can of "soda' have a drink...the male characters often speak really slowly and the women are often very cranky... no one ever smiles.... I couldn't tell you which one I watched or the name of the characters but I bet there were initials in the title of the show! What is the appeal of these shows? Are there really heaps of them or does it just seem like there is....??


  1. i dont watch much TV but know what you mean...CSI has a show depicting every major city in the USA - i just find them boring...not much to watch these days huh?

  2. I wish it was still just CSI. I only watch the original but that is because they have been pioneers in terms of strong female characters. That is sadly changing now with new female characters being added that conform more to stereotypes, so I content myself with reruns and pretend that Grissom never left.

  3. I think that the answer is not to watch t.v. Makes more time for sewing!

  4. There are a million of them and I can't tell the difference between them. They depress me and make me think that things are far worse out there than they really are...!


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