Thursday, July 16, 2009

sale!!!! Woot woot!!!!

I have decided to have a sale. A massive one! nothing over $25 on Madeit and nothing over $25US on Etsy ... Why I hear you ask? Well I have decided to drop my prices on everything because I think I underestimated how much I love sewing... but I cannot keep sewing until I start selling because I am running out of room... I have always been a strong supporter of the price of handmade- and I still am- but when I was pricing things maybe I forgot to take this into account? I really love creating new toys and of course need to cover my cost and some but I love doing it and I want to keep doing it, so I am having a sale to make room... spread the word and I will love you forever!!!

chirpy- Maya- now only $24 on Madeit

And loads of other great stuff. Have a look!!!


  1. I have 'low' prices myself, and for the same reason. I can't keep doing it if people aren't buying what I'm making and I LOVE embroidering! So my items need to be priced to move so they can be replaced. ;)

  2. Well...if you will love me forever I had better tweet about it!! ;)

  3. It is hard having a passion for craft, as it does tend to take over the whole house!! I can't stop buying fabric, I need to start sewing more to make room :)

    Thank you for commenting on lovely Murphs, you know what it was sooo easy!! I totally surprised myself!! Give it a go, be warned though it is addictive!!!


  4. valintino is adorable! good luck with your sale!

  5. Pricing is the hardest part for me. I like to keep my prices low so that things are affordable but the other side of that is that handmade takes time which should cost something, right?

    I just try to look at it as it's just a bit of fun and selling stuff is fun and having little bits of what you've made in other peoples homes and hearts is lots of fun too!

    Good luck with your sale :)


what a nice person you are- taking the time to comment in this busy hectic world...Thank you!!