Wednesday, July 22, 2009 trauma...

I have just had the morning from hell trying to whip up a teepee for Busy. Breathe. Slowly.

I found a very straight forward tutorial, I will not link too the post because I would like to ask permission first and she would see how much I bastardised her simple and lovely tutorial... seriously I don't know what I did wrong- obviously my measurements were way out or something but it will have to do ... there has been a lot of swearing and sweating and general grumpiness over here ... Busy better appreciate the pain this has caused me!! ( not like yesterday when I bought her the most awesome purple coat that I loved when it was $70 but no way- I got it yesterday for $20-woot woot) she said " I don't like it" ( lucky I got a bigger size she can wear it next year when hopefully she may "like it" aarrrggghh!!!)

But the most shocking thing to come from all this teepee business is that when I went to The Light Of Spot yesterday for teepee supplies and I found a very helpful woman - called Betty-who was great in suggesting different things and ended up saving me $20!!! I know. Someone helpful at said shop. Shocking. I rang her manager this morning to pass on my compliments . Thanks Betty- Employee of the Year!

sorry for dodgy photo... just can't take a nice photo of it yet...


  1. When they are 23 and we have words with them over a bottle of Shiraz, these daughters of ours will appreciate us...

    until then...

    we'll just have to appreciate each other.

    What a brilliant tee-pee Mum.

    Thanks for building it.

  2. It turned out really well. You should give the kids safe decorating implements and indulge in a little

  3. Hi Cath, thanks for stopping by my way! Forgive me for not replying I thought I had but just in my head- your photos have arrived and we thankyou- very cute!x

  4. I love your Teepee, one of my friends just made one from vintage t-towels would love to see a pic of that!


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