Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Drought broken

Well. I lost my virginity. I have kept it for a long time, sometimes its been hard ... I have come close many times, but always changed my mind at the last minute, saying to myself no you can't stop stop now!!! but finally it has happened.........
I bought something on Ebay.
Now I know some of you will be gasping that, at age 35, a child, paypal account, and a love of hunting and gathering that I have never been tempted.
One simple reason:
The website is so ugly.
The pictures are hideous. People take pictures of clothes they are selling thrown onto their horrible bedspreads, with bad lighting .... I have never been tempted by anything on there ... and I have been overwhelmed with where to start.
The other reason:
I don't trust myself in an auction situation. NO. Never.

That is dangerous to me... if this something I really want I know I will get carried away.
I feel different now. Like I have entered a whole new world of online addiction... but I feel safe. The purchase, whilst satisfactory, was bought using the "buy it now feature" so does it really -count? I think it was a low risk purchase and feel confident that it will not start an addiction ( not like some people we know. who answer most "where did you get that?" questions with the word Ebay. -one of our friends bought a car on Ebay) (At this point Chef would like to say " pot", "kettle" , "black", "etsy")
So I suppose I better tell you what broke the drought?

Wooden dolls house furniture. ( for the most special of surprises for Busy's Christmas). I have been looking at it locally and on line and its been $40 per room- I got a few rooms for less than $40 with postage. Here is is.

If you want some there is loads more.


  1. i don't do ebay either- i have never bought anything from ebay- but i do love amazon. it's quick and easy for most things- i am a bookie and a musickie- and it's great for small appliances and kitchen gadgets. saw you in the etsy forum- i am a newbie and looking for ways to put my shop out there. i think sometimes we all get lost in the vastness of the internets. i am with ya on social justice- and i have 2 cats :)

  2. I broke my ebay virginity in May this year buy vintage patterns. It got a bit ridiculous there for a while... oven timer beeping to remind me to abandon playing with the children to make last minute bids as the clock wound down. Bit of a thrill - thankfully it past after about a fortnight!
    Great furniture - what a wonderful gift.

  3. I was a bit scared for a moment there. I felt like I should send a priority paid/express email to tell you people were reading. Thank goodness it was all about wooden furniture. Roolly nice wooden furniture at that.

  4. i just got a really beautiful 1904 printing of wordsworth poetry on amazon with no bidding :) it was really worth it. trust me. :) i don't really haggle or bid. i don't know how and i don't really like it. i'll pay what i think is a fair price or walk away. that's why i liked saturn's concept in selling cars :) but each to their own.

  5. That wooden furniture was worth the loss. And you did do it safely by choosing "Buy It Now". But it can be a slippery slope. Don't think that as are no longer an eBay vigin that it is a free-for-all..!!!

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