Saturday, October 03, 2009

when every second counts.... BLOGTOBERFEST day 3

I find, with toast, every second counts. As soon as the toaster has popped I am on it. Butter on and in mouth within 10 seconds of popping. As far as my taste buds are concerned if it ain't' hot it ain't worth eatin'. As soon as it starts to cool down I completely loose interest and as far as I am concerned it is like a new food. One I don't like.
There is delicious yummy toast.... and then there is cold toast. How could you eat it cold???

Ditto with Haloumi. Its got to be eaten off the fry pan- straight off it. No point putting it in salads and stuff it tastes horrible and rubbery if its not hot. Must. Be. Hot.

anyway that's what I reckon.

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  1. Totally agree about the toast (and the haloumi!) There's no mucking about when it comes to decent (i.e. hot!) toast. :)

  2. Toast around here has become a torturous event. The toaster is shot and now requires it's hand held (hold the thingy down to make it do the toasty thing). And you know how a watched kettle never boils? Same for other appliances, apparently.

  3. My nan and pop cooked all the toast then put it in triangular halves into a toast rack and then the middle of the table would be filled with jams and honey and Vegemite and cold hard butter!!! I lie my toast hot too!!!

  4. My mum has always been a leave it until it goes rock hard kind of toast eater, which as far as I'm concerned is a heinous crime against hot, buttery goodness. I'm with you :)

    Loving all these new Blogtoberfest blogs to read :)

  5. Agree about the toast, it has to be hot and you must use real butter on it. Ive already had mine this morning lol

  6. I am a warm everything type of gal. Warm toast, tea, coffee,soup.....Been seeing haloumi around a bit at the moment. Got to try it I think.

  7. boy, you hit the nail on the head about TOAST! it's my favorite way to eat bread - toasty warm and SLATHERED with butter*...mmmmm!

    * and i mean BUTTER! not margarine, not low-fat, not "butter-like spread" but pure unadulterated BUTTER!

  8. Ooohhh Haloumi!!! YUM

    Hot toast YUM! You've gotta be in a kind of mood to eat cold toast, occasionally I eat cold.

    Toast must be the new cupcake :)

    OMG, you will never believe what my word verification is!! hotato

  9. I am SO with you on the toast. It's hard to find kindred spirit who understand how important it is to rush the toast preparation.

  10. I don't eat toast that much, but the same rule applies with Eggos, and I love me some fresh from the toaster warm Eggos. :]

  11. Haloumi is my favourite.
    I love how it squeaks on your teeth!

  12. Oh I didn't know there were others like me in the world. Thank you universe for blogging and the chance to find kindred spirits.

    Funny thing though - it doesn't matter how cold my coffee gets, I'll still drink it.


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