Sunday, November 22, 2009

The chunkychooky tips to stay cool this Summer.

It has been so friggen hot this past weekend. Yes, we live in a hot climate. Yes I live in a sweaty little humid valley, but I really don't enjoy the heat. The humdity does nothing for my hair.

 But every year we survive the worst of it with a few helpful items:

1. The water sprayer. Yep keep it in the fridge so it's nice and cold- have a few on the go. If you stand in front of the fan and spray it towards the fan then it flies back and it seems to wet you better.

2.Water in glass bottles. You can put them against your skin and they feel good too. Stays cooler for longer out of the fridge.

3. The wooden fan. One does not like to perspire excessively in public. I do find it stops me from crossing that line from looking hot and looking like a freak- a red, wet, mess.
( a-hem)

What do you do to stay cool?  Share your secrets please.....
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  1. I hear ya! My hair looks totally frizzy. Big frizzy humid hair!


  2. We are in to those water sprayers in a big way too. We put a few drops of lavender oil in ours to keep the bugs off too!

  3. Wtaer sprayers - will put that one on the list. I'ma big fan of the wet cloth - I've got a hundred of these cloths, made from quartered baby muslins, and I use them for everything. I keepa container of wet ones in the fridge for facen wiping, a treat. No air-con here. Just fans swirling the hot air around. If I had balls, they would've sweated off today.

  4. Actually I was hanging on your every secret. I have none to add, other than the Antarctic move, or at the very least a Tasmanian compromise...I'm more serious than you think!

  5. great tips i will have to try the water sprayer tip. G&T is my tip too but really i can't go past the aircon, but its only in one room of the house

  6. When it becomes totally unbearable I used to go and wander through shopping centres - just to suck up their air-conditioning.
    Unfortunately the heat you are talking about is one of the reasons we no longer live where you live !

  7. I too am a fan of the spray bottle and fan. I had some great old women fans from Vietnam, but picked up a Samoan-style one when I was there last month.

  8. Tania, if you are serious about moving to Tassie, Hobart can get hot days over summer. The south has more extreme weather variations that the North West Coast of Tasmania, where my mum lives, and you get lovely sea breezes there too!

    My only addition to this is:
    when I am so hot I can't stand it, firstly I wet face, wrists, and ankles...cools me down 10%, only problem is you have to keep doing it.

    I like the G&T idea!

  9. I love the fan, it's so lady-like. I put a face washer in the freezer and lay it on my head - it's a great summer look!


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