Tuesday, November 24, 2009

what choice do I have???

You see I thought it was over.
I thought my Christmas shopping was complete.
I thought I was done.
I thought "Busy has enough I can stop now. "
But you see I just saw this:

and really, I feel like the decision to buy this is almost out of my hands???
The fact that it would look so beautiful on the Yellow Thing Dad Made Us is glaring obvious isn't it?
its just that it's.... well.....  $
and maybe thats a bit much for a tea set....................................... feel free to convice me otherwise....


  1. It's simply a case of 'no discussion will be entered into'. What's holding you up? Gulp.

  2. woahhhh! I can see what holding you up :)
    ohhh, but it's so cute, and you know B would love it and it's so special and it's so adorable and it's a tea set..and it's...
    should I keep going..

  3. It is a lot of money to spend on a tea set, especially when you had finished shopping. BUT it seems your Dad’s “yellow thing” is a very treasured heirloom, so if you consider the tea set your contribution to the heirloom and make it a treasure you daughter can pass on to her little ones – then it is a bargain! I think you should have it (oops sorry your daughter, of course it’s not really for you!!!!).

  4. Wowzer.. that is adorable! Do it! x

  5. They sure are charming!
    The colors are gorgeous as well~
    I'm a new visitor to your lovely blog...

  6. I think that you need to do this justice to your beautiful yellow thing.

  7. oh lordy that's cute...I think you might just have to buy yourself a present you know...

  8. It's perfect! Busy deserves it! Wish we had such a tea set when we were kids to put on it! the colours, and the bag ooohhh.......
    i don't think anyone needs to convince you.... and it would be hard for Busy to break, being metal and all...
    look forward to seeing the photos of it set up on the hutch soon!

  9. it is definately meant to live on 'the yellow thing dad built'! and it comes in that gorgeous case! oh my!
    do it!

  10. Your mad, ask chef what he thinks?

  11. Wow, it's just so perfect for your yellow shelf.... oooh decisions!!! p.s.(I think it's worth every cent, I don't think you will regret it at all)!!

  12. It's gorgeous. Definitely. An investment. Well that's what I tell myself. And it's not plastic. Go forth.

  13. i'm pretty sure that would be an investment. something for busy to keep and pass on to her kids.
    anyway in years or weeks to come you forget about the cost.

  14. it is seriously TOO cute and it would sit everso PRETTYLY on that sweet little yellow hutch of yours..go on buy it, you WON'T regret it, seriously :))


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