Sunday, November 08, 2009

press release

Worldwide media today was stunned with news from a small town in NSW,  Australia. Cath, owner of hugely successful brand Chunky chooky baked muffins.  Long term friends are said to be stupified. A close friend stated "I think she is loosing it, Chef has been away for a couple of days and she has been largely house bound by the rain... I can't get over it... sorry I need to lay down". Her mother apparently needed sedation. Another long term friend is said to have fainted.

 Chef is unaware of recent events and cannot be contacted for comment, he is expected to be home later today. Press are eager to see how he will cope with the news  -there is a large amount of speculation. "It could go either way. They have been together for 10 years and she has never baked, I don't know what he will do. He may be threatened by her obvious skill." Medics are on standby to ensure Chef copes with the shock.

Inside sources say Busy was very confused when the idea was first mentioned - she is quoted as saying         "cook with mummy????" The muffins are said to be banana and chocolate. We have been able to obtain these exclusive pictures of the muffins.

Not bad huh???


  1. hilarious!
    loved it!
    clever you!

  2. ha ha ha! Mmmmm - look delicious!!

  3. yummy! and what a story! front page stuff!

  4. hi-la-rious!!!
    the paparazzi managed to get some great pics though.
    i cannot believe it, 10 years & NO baking..what!!
    As I said, I don't cook, well it's rare when I do, but baking, LOVE it. so are you a changed chooky then ! :)

  5. Next time there will be muffins in the freezer too. Cherrie

  6. Mmmm. Chocolate and banana. Yummmm! Hopefully chef doesn't decide they're so good you can make them every time ;-)

  7. That was so funny - well done !


  8. While the Chefs away, the Cath will play!

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  10. LOL!!! now THIS is news i like seeing!!

    isn't baking wonderful? =-)

    and congrats on your Kreativ Blog award!

  11. Congratulations!
    Now, I've been known to tell my kids that muffins are a complete meal, so don't look too capable or he'll head off more often!

  12. Given it's Monday, I bet the only remaining muffin proof is a trail of crumbs.

  13. Hi there Cathy!
    I have chosen you for a Kreativ blog award. Go to my latest post for all the details.
    Cheers Amanda


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