Sunday, December 13, 2009


Last night we went and saw an amazing singer from New Zealand called Mihirangi. We had a great night with some great friends (Busy at home with babysitter-Yippeee!) at a cafe in town. Aside from the fact that we were starving and getting raaaaaaaaaather tipsy by the time they fed us ( it was dinner and show- just like a cabaret!) she was awesome. She is a one woman show but she loops her music so she has this little device that records herself , then she sings over it records it while it is playing on a loop ( I am sure I just explained it really badly) but go and have a listen here. But that is not all that is great about her- she also allows you to become a Future Producer. For $50 you buy Producer points which gets the album she is working on when it finishes, involvement in the production of her music via her forums AND you receive money from revenue! So you are supporting her to stay independent. It is such a great idea. Its is the Future of music. Independent artists calling their own shots! I love it!!! John Butler describes it here.


  1. Oh great sounds brilliant. I am off to hear some of her...thanks xx

  2. What a great idea! I love anything that spits in the eye of the big man to be honest!


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