Sunday, December 06, 2009

Stupid thingy ( and the winner announced)

Bloody stupid thingy that I couldn't get onto this post!!! Its so annoying that you can't just cut and paste it. Tracey very kindly and patiently tried to explain to me how to do it but its not working - which I blame entirely on myself!
But the winner is : Number 1 Miss Muggins!!
 Email me with your address! xx
 thanks for entering everyone and don't forget to come back next Friday.


  1. Heya Cath ... 'tis Peter once from upstairs at cheffie's work here ... stumbled on your blog recently and just revisited so I've missed out on your softly softly giveaway ... eh well... nice blog, I'm impressed by your productivity here... I'd point you to mine, but that would seem mercenary so I'll tell you later ... adios and ask cheffie volubly, "where's my quail!!!" for me ... cheers pd

  2. A tip for anything that can't be cut and paste - just hit the 'Prnt Scrn' button on your keyboard (it's in the top right of my keyboard). Then open a new blank page in Photoshop or whatever and click 'paste'. Then just crop the bit you want!

  3. hey Cath,
    received my gorgeous surprise..
    will give it to my little one for Christmas & I'm sure he will LOVE it. thanks again lovely lady for the fabulous giveaway ♥

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  5. Awww.. sorry my instructions were crappola perhaps... or maybe it only works because I do it from my laptop... not a PC?

    Best of luck next time, hehe x

    ps; your not the only scrooge around here, but for some unknown reason this chsitmas I am more than thrilled to be getting into the festivities... perhaps it was that I took the Handmade Pledge thus boycotting all commercial junk and gift buying? dunno... but it makes the silly season more enjoyable when I'm a smidge "into it" x


what a nice person you are- taking the time to comment in this busy hectic world...Thank you!!