Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thankyou / poor chef

Thankyou to everyone who made such well thought out and insightful  and personal comments over the last 2 posts. I do like the idea of Busy choosing- maybe evern on Boxing day- the presents she doesn't like- to be given away to charity/ second hand shops. That is a great idea. I feel better about the decision we have made to tone down the Santa stuff and do it our way. My mum use to read us that Letter to Virginia every year so thankyou for bringing that up. So far Busy is scared to death of Santa - we saw him in a shopping centre - and she freaked out - so she obviously isn't that inot him.

In other news Chef was devastated that no one commented on the fact that he fell off a ladder onto a cactus and broke his ribs.

Poor chef. Now he has to eat my cooking. Heaven help us. (Pass the phone would you?)

(This is more my kind of "cooking"
more amazing pretend food is available from here)

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  1. What an oversight on my part!
    poor chef...I do feel sorry for him, but every time I read that story, I don't mean to, I really don't...I visualise it, and well, I laugh.
    I am sure that he's in a lot of pain though, and now thinking about it, I'm sorry I laughed.
    hope you feel better soon chef.
    and unbelievable but true, i feel off a friend's verandah as a child, and landed on something was a fair height for a little one, so i understand the indignation.

  2. You know, that did occur to me after I posted a comment yesterday. I broke a rib once playing tug-of-war, and man, it killed. Three weeks to heal, they say. Tell Chef I feel his pain - a day too late, but none the less, sincerely...

  3. OH CHEF poor Chef. To be honest I couldn't tell if you were being serious because you seemed so nonchalant about it, if Sam broke his ribs I would be upset to the point of hysteria, and he would be the one laughing at me, with his broken ribs and prickles.
    Hope he feels better soon!

  4. I didn't comment on Chef's fall because I meant to call in a panic of concern... will do asap.

    poor poor poor chef! :(

  5. Poor chef - there is nothing like a wounded man - they suffer so! Shower him in bad takeaway - he will heal fast!

  6. OUCH!!! Paw Paw Cream? Thats our solution for EVERYTHING!!

  7. I thought your were being metaphorical when you wrote about Chef falling off the ladder on to the cactus... you know Chef represents Santa falling off the roof and onto a cactus?!?!

    Hope he feels better soon.

  8. Oh, poor guy! Back to Santa (I'm running late here) we never told our boys he was real, they just saw him as a Christmas symbol. This never caused probs with other children. My husband's family was the same and it didn't seem to cause probs. I just preferred not to lie and was glad my husband had been brought up that way.

  9. Poor chef indeed. That sounds terribly frightening.

  10. *click* 'Is this thing on? tap, tap

    Dear Chef,

    it was with great sadness and alarm that I read of your high-impact collision from height with a cactus. Such was my post-traumatic flashback to the evening spent pulling cactus spines from the foot of a screaming 18 mo that it is only now I am able to offer sufficient condolence.

    You have my every sympathy and I wish you speedy recovery and quick return to kitchen duties (obviously someone has to stave off rickets in that house) *click*

    (how did I do? Is this what he wants to hear do you think? will you play him this tape when things quiet down in the evening? thanks)

  11. see what a strangle hold this time of year has upon us?!? we overlook the fact that your Dear Chef fell onto the cactus in the face of how to deal with children and the concept of 'Santa'...BTW: love Sally's observation about Chef being a stand-in for Santa falling off the roof

    i can't imagine how it must have felt to fall onto the cactus - poor Chef!! i hope you heal with as little pain as possible and begin the New Year in good spirits =-)

  12. poor mr chunky chooky!
    i'm intrigued to find out what is going to happen with the food situation now.
    i feel sorry for all if fabric pizzas are the offerings :-)

  13. oh poor little Chef!
    hope his all mended now :)
    have a good weekend Ms Chunkychooky ♥

    p.s I only got 6 fowlers jars the other day, but several months back I got about 2 boxes for about $10..woohoo!!


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