Thursday, January 21, 2010

5 things that made me smile today:

1. Playing hide and seek with Busy and our dog. Clever dog actually hid behind the curtain when we were playing. Busy and I just cackled our heads off.

2. Watching Busy play in the water in her boardies ( like Daddies)

3. Driving to work and stopping for the Mum and Dad duck and the baby ducks to cross the road.

4.Coming across these most coolest of blokes undies ever on Collection of Cool- have you seen it??? ( note duck theme- I feel a new softie coming on?)

and last but not least
5.  remembering that the world isn't really a murky place - sometimes my work makes me think that it really isn't a wonderful world... but I have to remember there are so many nice people out there who are not a) racist, b) violent c) mean and nasty.

I have been reminded of that from a simple "are you OK?" email from a very clever artist.
Big love Sam! Mwah!


  1. Hey guess what?? I'm smiling too!!

    Also...(insert schoolgirl giggles here) softies and mens undies....tehehehehehe :)

  2. Thanks for the good cheer! I've seen some horrible news articles today which have left me dwelling on the horrid side of human nature, but let's not forget there are also people out there who play hide and seek or design men's undies with ducks! I wonder if our dog could pick up on the idea of hiding? I rather think not...

  3. I bought a pair of those undies - different ones in the range - for my brother in laws birthday last year after seeing them in Frankie. They are so cool. Great for a brother in law that is hard to buy for.

  4. chunkychooky smiles yet again.
    now I better go and see if the chooks will play hide & seek with me...

  5. So nice to see your husband modelling underpants on the blog. Love Posie

  6. I love those undies too. And only a woman would say 'I feel a softie coming on...'

    Glad to hear the world is looking smilier. Wait till Tuesday when you're sourrounded by all those damn flags!

  7. I cannot stop looking at those gorgeous ducks!
    Thanks for posting them, it's certainly bought a smile to my dial!

  8. btw Cathy, you JUST find the coolest stuff!

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