Friday, January 08, 2010

chunkychooky gets her crankypants on


Dear Interested Party,

Please do not spam my esty account with dumb offers such as the following:

No I am not interested in doing consignment to the other side of the world to a shop/ gallery without so much as a website. It has been hard enough trying to get money out of  shops 30 kms away. Let alone 30 000... however thankyou for your interest, and Thanks but I am definately not interested after I saw the contract you sent me despite the fact that I said " not interested' - whereby I pretty much have no rights once the product is sent.... whereby you will sell the item by adding 150% to the wholesale price plus $10 for postage - that I am paying for.

and No , I am awfully sorry I am not interested in sending 7 of my items ( YES SEVEN) to the other side of the world ( at MY expense) to be reviewed on your blog that - quite frankly looks like crap and has 22 followers... and Oh what's that you say? you would like the fisherman pants in a size 6 months- amazing conincidence that you have a 6 month old that you said  you can never find cute clothes for on your last blog post....

and Nooooo you cannot buy my rattles wholesale for $5 each and you almost certainly can't do this if you only want 3 of them and I don't really care if you think you can only get $10 for them at your shop.

and sorry No you cannot have a discount because you haven't got much money at the moment.

and Noooooo I am not interested in doing a trade as I don't really like what you are selling as its not my taste, and thank so so so much for insulting me and calling me a selfsih b*tch when I declined to do so.

and Nope, I will not post the items until you have paid. Call me crazy but no sorry, I am sure you are a very honest and nice person but I cannot, will not, do that.

and no, I am sorry I will not make you a toy, post it to you to see if you like it ( to other side of world) and then if you do you will pay me... yeah right.

these are just a small number of the emails I have had via etsy. I have forwarded most of them to etsy HQ to be dealt with by them .
The nerve of some people. Where do they get off? Do they think I am thick???
 I feel better now. It is so good to have a place to vent.


  1. Oh....come and swing in the hammock with me...we need to feel better this week together!!

  2. I had a giggle reading through these - some people are such idiots!

    I do hope that you get some genuine emails?

  3. OMG!!!
    I'm shocked that you received such emails and disappointed that I do believe it.
    Where do some people get off?
    Go and hang out in Leonie's hammock - the reflective view in her sunnies looks very calming.

  4. come over, let's do some baking and have a chat & a cuppa with a few gingerbread that accidently got broken & need to be eaten.
    {hugs} & easy tiger ;)

  5. ..forgot to many can fit in your hammock Leonie? :)

  6. I'm sorry, I know this is serious, but - teeheehee! You're funny! From now on, you should just refer people to that blog post.

  7. Oh those requests are definately worth pulling on those crankypants for! Wowzers... it's hard to believe they are real requests.

  8. OMG the nerve of people and OMG you are hilarious... I love how you addressed all of that in your blog post - If I ever get any emails like that I hope you don't mind if I copy and paste that as a reply... You go girlfriend.


    P.S. Can I come and swing in your hammock to Leonie...??

  9. The nerve of some people just astounds me!!

    Glad you feel better now :)

  10. Ah yes, those people seem to think we are soooo dumb. It's kind of like the Nigerian money scam, only with mothers of small children who want free toys. Review my arse!! Nice to see some people are still shocked this goes on, alas, it's like the "i like your business, i like your fabrics, i like your style, what are all your tips/ sources/ patterns/ ideas/ blood group & may i have your first born please" emails i get ALL the time. After 10 years of professional crafting, i'm so over it.
    Good post, but alarming to read she was so upset at you??!! Hmmm . . . clearly insane & clueless. As i often think, do they think we in small business are stupid. Do they go into David Jones & ask for freebies/ discounts/ question how their things are made . . . i don't think so!! The toothy tiger was a good image, all fired up!! Love Posie

  11. Oh My!!! What cheek of some people....The hammock sounds devine but has to come with a nice glass of champaign :D

  12. how annoying!!! good to have a vent :)

  13. Well, if you won't do that, perhaps you'd just consider sending your P.I.N. number to me? I'm honest. Cross my heart.

  14. Hee hee what a crack up!
    I'm so glad you told them all where to go.

  15. I'm so sorry you have to deal with that crap but I got a good laugh out of your response. I hope it made you feel better.

  16. I'm glad it was you that dealt with that one as you seem to do it so well! Love it!

  17. u have GOT to be kidding me??????

    they r terrible requests!!!


    there are some good people out there... promise!

  18. are you s.e.r.i.o.u.s??? REALLY people actually send these emails to you. I cannot believe it. I am lost for words...

    Can I join in the hammock? I can supply chocolate!

  19. Oh! (hmmm .... must just go and and redraft my email to i was about to send you ....)

    Word verification is 'presser'. I guess as in 'those mad-arse freaky emails make me want to presser delete key!'

  20. Why is it that people think they have the right to expect so much from a small producer of handcrafted goods...? I wonder if we could all write to Tiffany's and ask them to send us a bracelet to see if we like it.... and then we'll pay them....?

    Oh, don't get me started.... ;)

  21. I agree with all the posts here, and i admire you too, with being able to vent, I cannot understand these people, What planet are they on? not ours anyway. Good on you for reporting it, karma will get them back for sure.

  22. **Smacks palm to forehead & shakes head in disbelief**

    The nerve of some people!
    How dare they.

  23. what a great and hilarious vent and the tiger pic was the icing on it all!

    i wish i could be as surprised as others here have been but, living in Los Angeles, this kind of thing goes on A LOT!! it's one of the things that keeps me from putting my goods into 'consignment' shops; it's sad that there are people who want to take advantage of the good-will of others and that they are lurking at etsy =-(

    good for you for sticking to your guns and letting us all know how crazy SHE is for thinking YOU are the selfish b*%$#!!

  24. Wow. Im shocked that someone would even ask that let alone call you a b**ch for saying no. Where does she get off?!

    I love your response blog and I love the picture! Im laughing in an amused at your blog way and still slightly shocked at their daring way.

  25. that is quite funny! thanks for making me laugh today cath!

    the sad thing is that there are people out there that probably fall for such tricks

  26. AS IF!The nerve of some people is astounding. Do they really think you are that naive or gullible? And to call you names is just plain nasty. I hope she reads your response and has a good long think about things. Grrr!

  27. well said! I had a similar response sending stuff to a shop o/s after an agreed upon price, payment details etc only to have them say months later after many emails from me, 'oh sorry we thought they were samples' heh.

  28. I like just being a buyer on etsy. I never ask for discounts on ANYTHING, that's ridiculous. Or maybe I understand what a small profit margin is actually made.

    OH! And my word verification is phooman. Phooman indeed, my friend.

  29. lol thats was bloody brilliant. U go girl. vent all u like. U should for such obscene requests. haha!!!!

  30. WoW, thanks for getting it out there, I thought I was the only one that felt the same, obviously not!


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