Wednesday, January 06, 2010


OH MY GOD!!! my beautiful yellow thing dad made is featured on Ohdeedoh - the kids bit of Apartment Therapy!!! Tammy saw it on my flickr . Have a look!!!!

I am super excited because... well... I do love interior deisgn... and well... you know.... I did think it looked really pretty... and well.... I am gald/ chuffed/ stoked they like it too because well.... they know what they are talking about .... *blush*  

Do you think people will think our child is actually named Busy!!????


  1. What a treasure! I love the yellow, too. I just hopped over from Ohdeedoh...and yes, I wondered if your child was actually named "Busy". :)

  2. hehe! I think they might think her name is Busy!! I love that little hutch, it's so cute, and how nice to be featured!

  3. yay, sooo, soooo very coool!
    nice one, yay for busy's lil kitchen ♥

  4. Oh ummm... *nods* admittedly I thought her name was Busy.

    The yellowy goodnes is glorious. YAY for yellow, its so bright and welcoming!

  5. how very exciting! and congrats, it is quite lovely.

  6. And I can see just why! It's gorgeous! Just stumbled upon your blog - so glad I did.

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  7. Busy is much better than dopey!! lol x

  8. I'm not surprised it was featured... it is gorgeous because it is (!!!) but also because of its history.

    As a teacher, I've heard stranger names than 'Busy'!

  9. Congratulations Busy's Mum! That is so cool for you and because your Dad made it.

  10. Congratulations!! Yellow is so underrated. What a great piece of furniture, exciting, love Posie

  11. It is divine so I am super proud for your Dad - nice work

  12. pretty!

    RE my blog:
    "thankyou cath! i appreciate your feedback.
    i will upload better quality photos tonight when i get home for work.
    as i said, i dont know why i rushed it, but your suggestions will make it better.


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