Monday, January 04, 2010

Wilma and Walter

Sunday crafting with Busy.

I was lucky enough to get a gorgeous peggy doll from Nannette at Rummage at the Stitches and Craft show. Busy has been trying to get her mits on it since then- we compromised and put it on the Christmas tree... so we could both look at it...

But then I found these great plain wooden people here. ( of all places!! would you believe I was in there looking for a BBQ ignition switch so Chef can make a potato gun!!!) ( relax about the potatoe gun, Chef will be careful- its a country thing. We are not rednecks. No one will be hurt. Busy will not see it. We are antiguns, this is a game thing)

So I decided to make some of our own...very much influenced by Nannette  so I can take no credit  for the styling of Wilma, however Walter is all mine.

Busy insisted they have shoes. She didn't think Walter needed pants. Go figure.


  1. Potato gun!! The dolls are so cute.

  2. Great dolls and of course Walter needs no pants !

  3. Clearly Walter is enjoying Pants Off Friday! They are gorgeous, great job Busy.

    I'm ignoring the potato gun reference. OMG.

  4. Ack! They have those little figures at Bunnings???? I've been getting mine from Winterwood. off to bunnings immediately..x

  5. Hey if you want a hand with the spud gun....yell out...we have one here....dave made it....but we use oranges!!! Oh...dolls are super cute!!

  6. Very cute, my kids and I have made quite a range of dollies over the years including Luke Skywalker and Poccahontis(?spelling)! easy peasy clothes can be made out of old op shop type jumpers and hair from unspun fleece

  7. Shoes and no pants... that's rude... I giggled like a kid!!

    Bunnings does have some hidden treasures. And as a fellow anti-gunner, I am intrigued. So it's a game... hmmmm... for who to play??


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