Saturday, February 27, 2010

Little mouse..

Dear Little Native Mouse,
Hello, I live in this house with my husband and small child and large dog. You would have seen us hanging around. We are the ones who clean up after you in the morning.

We realise that this house was built smack bang in the middle of your land, for that I apologise profusely. I can appreciate how much this distressed your great great great great great great grandparents and I hope no one sustained any injuries or  there was no loss of life. However, perhaps you have not been adequately briefed about the rules of us cohabiting this peice of land together. 

See that large piece of forest over there- that 9 acres is ALL yours- you and your family; brothers, sisters, aunties , uncles  cousins etc can go hell for leather- we don't go into that bit of bush at all, we are keeping it for all of you and all the other animals to inhabit again so the trees can get big again and the birds can come back- everyone likes it in there its very busy , the wallabies love it. I realise there are probably snakes in there and that makes you and yours nervous but you are quick - I have seen the speed you can move - so I am sure you will be fine....(ahem)

You see the rules clearly state "animals outside"- the large dog is the only animal that we allow inside - so he doesn't chase you guys at night. When you come inside the house it upsets the natural order of things. When you run across the floor mocking us with your speed it is hard to remain open minded about you living with us. When we wake up and discover your droppings on the chopping board we don't like it. When we see that you have had a nibbled 6 different bananas... well... we don't like that either...when you run and hide under the kitchen bench it greatly distresses the large dog as he waits staring at you and waiting for you to come out for HOURS- we cannot protect you against him. He wants you bad.  Granted, you are very cute, and god only knows what will happen if Busy clocks eyes on you. You may loose your hearing from the excitement she will show.  If she ever gets hold of you she may hug you too hard. You have been warned.

We have left out some nice little tubes for you to hide in from him - there is food in there and if you could just pop into one of those then we can take you outside to join your family. You will not be harmed at all. I am sure your mum is worried about you.

Thanking you in advance for your assistance with this matter,

 The Residents.

PS If you even think about going near my sewing room- I will loose all compassion and war will be declared . Thanks.

The traps are humane and will not hurt him/her


  1. He/she looks like my little mouse friend! So far my house has proved mouse-proof and Mr. Mouse-Man only stays outside... so far.

  2. oh dear. He is very cute BUT..... we had mice in our house. They got into the pantry and ate all the chilli powder (?) and turmeric and then normal things like flour and sugar.

    I am sad to say they had to be trapped. Its sad. But if you can move your outside go for it. They are hard to catch aren't they?

  3. I am having the same problem ! I am afraid I am not as compassionate as you though! It's peanut butter and BANG in this house!

  4. Ahhh, the joys of bush living! We just get geckos and small goannas wandering into our house, at least they are easier to catch! Good luck with the safe removal of little mouse.

  5. Lol, I Love this post! Great picture! Have a lovely day, i hope he stays out of your sewing room!

  6. Where there is one little mouse.....there is a whole community! Good luck with those boundaries!

  7. you are being very nice to that little chap to let him run around your home! seeing that he is very cute i can understand, but i will side with you if he gets into the sewing room - it will have to be war to the death, and damn the cuteness!! ;)

  8. little mouse,
    I beg you to heed the good words of the mistress of the house. She is kind and wise and if you could return the favor, it would bring quite a lot of joy to you all.
    Do not fear, think of the adventure! It sounds as though you will have your pick of mates and a jolly good time exploring. Whatever you do, do not...and I press this upon you most emphatically...not ever, go a-foraging in her sewing room!

  9. dear residents.
    i'm a lazy mouse and its much easier to feast off of your tasty chef leftovers each night than fending for myself out in the wilderness.

    oh whats the new logo wording? i noticed its a tie

  10. Very cute post! We had a mouse recently of which my husband was terrified, I told him I'd take care of it & needless to say a few days later job was done. As much as he was frightened he did not want it to come to any harm, so we just don't talk of it's sudden disappearance...ask no questions & I'll tell you no lies!

  11. Not a mouse person, it wouldn't be long for this world or getting a passionate apology for getting in it's way from me i'm afraid. Love Posie

  12. Oh no. I hope the little mouse stays away from your sewing machine.

    I just wanted to let you know your featured over at blog this today, yoyu can check it out here if you like :)

  13. Ew. Oh, I mean, awwwww....cute! Nup - just ew. Fine outside, not fine munching on bananas. May a white mouse flag be waved before war declared.


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