Friday, February 26, 2010


Thanks to everyone that said nice things about my packaging- rather than replying to everyone individually  if you are stuck for ideas and need inspiration,  not surprisingly there are several flickr groups relating to packaging- and also several articles on the Etsy blog about how to package things up nicely.

Yesterday after making the cards I made some heart garlands out of the same card, I often add them to a wedding present - just made out of brown paper and sewn together but the bright ones looked so nice I put them over here.


  1. Loveley garalnds Cath- OK, here's my suggestion for your tag line: Upcycling Scraps Into A Groovy Kind Of Love.


  2. This garlands are just beautiful!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  3. hey, you should check out for more of the heart chains


what a nice person you are- taking the time to comment in this busy hectic world...Thank you!!