Monday, February 22, 2010

Sleep issues FINALLY UTTERLY and COMPLETELY resolved...

Firstly, the title of this post reminds me that I have been reading way to many Charlie and Lola books,we also have a CD of several books that we listen to in the car Busy now reads them in an English accent....Funny!! 

Anyway, a few of you lovely folk have emailed me asking what is happening now with Busy's sleep so let me give you the latest update.

Last Monday I had a chat to her about going to sleep by herself, again instant distress, but I noted no tears... more protesting that freaking out... so I mentioned it again the next night....then the next day I was in one of those painful $2 type shops ( that seem to be growing like a plague and I hate them so mcuh as they are so full of mass produced crap that is bad for the environment yet- the paint is cheap and its where I get the childs art supplies ) and I saw these little dogs with an l.e.d light inside them, a keyring with a small torch in it. Knowing Busy would love it- as she is really into torches at the moment ( !!???)  I suddenly thought BRIBERY..ahem... erm... I "positive reinforcement" ...We dropped the day sleep too. To just see how it went,  and actually its not too bad...

This is the conversation we had that first night a week ago:
Me: "if you go to sleep by yourself there will be a surprise in the morning"
Busy:  sharp intake of breath " a surprise!!"
Me: "yep, A really good one"
Busy: in excited voice "Is Santa going to come?"
Me and Daddy: "No not that big"

AND she said:
 "OK" ...........................and that was it!!!
 now we read story have a little chat and cuddle and then we leave going in every minute or so, she does the same thing every night
First call into her room: "can you tell ( other parent who didn't read story) to be quiet I am trying to go to sleep"
second call into her room " I didn't hear you tell ( the other parent) to be quiet"
third call in " I forget what I was going to tell you"
fourth call in " I just really love you too much" or " I love you more than all the _____ (insert object ie curtains, tutus flowers etc) in the world.

 Then thats it. Asleep.We don't hear from her again until 7am.
 So she is in bed at 730!!!
 Thats means Chef and I have an extra 12 hours ( Chef works friday nights) a week together!!! 12 HOURS!!! we can't get over it!!!
Thanks again for everyone who was so supportive and helpful.

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  1. genius! i am all for "positive reinforcement"! going to try it out this week... x

  2. So glad that you found some great ideas that worked for you and that she was ready to take that step. And the photos - LOVE LOVE !! Yeah little miss Busy and hoorah to 12 hours of Chef time, I hope he is using it to rub your feet, little massages, cooking dinner - all the stuff you deserve of course

  3. Hooray for sleeping children! Nothing in the world beats a little positive reinforcement;-)

  4. Busy! You little ripper! You parents must be beside yourselves discovering all those bonus hours in a day...(but then you get used to it, and before you know it you're never in bed before 1am. Sorry).

  5. what a lovely end result!
    i love that you can reason with kids when they get to that age.
    i'm with you on the $2 tacky shops, they are quite evil but i usually end up buying some rubbish thing to keep gords amused

  6. That's great news, I'm pleased to hear it! Funny, the same routine goes on & on at our place too. It sure is worth it to have them all tucked away and sleeping by 7.30 - hooray!

  7. Wondeful news. You gusy must be chuffed.

    And we love Charlie and Lola here too. For the accents (me) and because our pug is called Lola (3 year old).

  8. What a sweet, tender and lovely way to resolve Busy's sleep routine. Lovely - in that it is filled with love.

  9. Oh thats fantastic Cath, you must be so relieved. Make the most of your newly discovered time :)

  10. yay! thats great, well done everyone! i would love to send her a special softie.......


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