Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Liesl, from hoppobumpo was quick of the mark and snapped up the little dog for Haiti within hours of him going live! The money has been sent to Care Australia and will hopefully help someone out. Thanks so much Liesl- big round of applause for Liesl! Woot woot!!!
It seems , from my big cartel visits there are a lot of lurkers out there...  I really would love it if you said hello...I ( am told) I am really very nice and won't bite , I promise.... you can have some cake?


  1. nice one Liesl!
    and hello Ms Chunkychooky, is that a yummy cake you have baked!!??

  2. Ok, I am coming out of the lurker shadows because you asked nicely.

    *waves* Hello chunkychooky!

    It has nothing to do with the lure of the chocolate cake at all, nuh uh. Now pass me a plate will ya?

  3. Hi, that cake is just to tempting I am trying so hard to be a good girl..cheers Katherine

  4. ether cake is just a tease! Will the real thing squash badly in the post do you suppose?

  5. that cake looks great. hubby made it?

  6. Lucky Hoppo Liesl. Delicious looking cake, safer for me to look at the image, not have it in front of me. Love Posie


what a nice person you are- taking the time to comment in this busy hectic world...Thank you!!