Friday, March 05, 2010

You could gag (look away if you are easily offended)

 It is both amusing and horrifying what you come across on the internet:

Yes, a cook book  for semen based recipies? gagging yet???
 Click here for the most hilarious book review ever.
addition: I would like to state emphatically I was not goggleing anything with the word semen in it!!


  1. So funny! I accidently found this book online when I was searching for the gardening book "Harvest", and had to gross out my husband right away

  2. omg! I knew I should'nt have looked, but I could'nt help myself!!!!!
    eeerrrrggggyyy lala eeeeeeeeeeew,

    I'm at work in the shop at the 'mo, and I'm waiting to share this experience with a customer who won't faint or vomit!

  3. Hilarious as well as deeply, deeply disturbing :-P . I dont know whats more bizzare - that someone wrote it; someone actually published it; or someone might actually buy it - eek!

  4. what the!

    I wont even ASK how you found that!

  5. O.M.G!

    that review is the most hilarious thing i've read in days!!
    i had, in fact, recently heard of this book but was not exactly interested in looking into the gory details but its nice that someone did for the rest of us!! =-)

    BTW: love your new profile/artist bio!

  6. Cath, what were you Googling just before you found this gem?!


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