Friday, April 09, 2010

love is in the air...

On Easter weekend a great thing happened. I saw a dearly loved friend in love for the first time (that Chef or I have seen in 12ish years of knowing him- he - is one of the friends who introduced Chef and I in fact the now infamous lamb shanks meal- see my intro -was cooked at his..ahem...humble abode he shared with two other fine men). When he said he was coming to visit and bringing his new girlfriend I was interested, he said this one is different, I reckon you will like her....

Now that is not to say I haven't liked the others but I just haven't thought they were right for him, obviously I have said nothing of this to him until waaaaaaaay after the fact ( well there was that one time a long time ago when he went out with a mad woman we called Elmo ) and of course I have been nice to them,  but I have always wondered whom exactly would be right for him??? What characteristics will she have?

But then she arrived walking up our driveaway- couldn't get the car up it of course- and he looked  the same- yet more in love... then I saw the way they were together and it made my heart sing, seeing him so in love and so happy with someone as quiet and clever as he is, as independent, down to earth, so similar to him... and all of sudden it was so obvious she was exactly what he has been looking for all this time....
seeing him with her, seeing someone you care about , so in love, well it is just the best thing in the world, and I , we, Chef and I , could not be happier for him. Isn't it just great when this happens?

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  1. i love this post! so very sweet & definitely a beautiful thing when it happens. to think back 11 years ago when it happened to us...awwww

  2. Please send some of that my way please?!?

  3. How sweet, what a lovely story, hope they continue to be happy together.

  4. Hi, just wanted to say congratulations on being in Peppermint mag, one of my favourite mags along with MixTape zine and Frankie. Well done! Carolyne

  5. What a gorgeous post. Yes, it's wonderful to see friends find true happiness, love, etc.


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