Monday, May 24, 2010

Point and Shoot

The new camera and I are still getting acquainted and I am still getting use to lugging something big around with me, but am forcing myself to take it with me wherever I go on the weekends.  I also planned on joining in Point and Shoot this week over at Fat Mum Slims's  blog to make sure I took some good photos this weekend.
Yesterday we went to a local attraction. The Pet Porpise Pool ... ( we refer to it as the Pet Porpise Prison, the bottle nose dolphin (pictured) use to be called a porpise , hence the name)  we have been reluctant due to the large animals small pools thing... it seems so cruel, but we knew someone would love it and we can teach her why we feel its sad for the animlas as she gets older. It was an overcast day so we pretty much had the place to ourselves so there was lots of dolphin touching. As you can see Busy had an absolute ball. So glad I took the camera. ( yes that is Chef!)


  1. ohhh, what a cool photo!
    yeah, not sure either about animals being held in such places..but that is a really long discussion isn't it.
    great to see you taking your camera everywhere.
    after a while it just becomes second nature & these little beings grow & change soo quickly, it's great to capture these moments.
    hope you have a great week Cath

  2. Now thats a once in a life time shot!!! Brilliant.

  3. I get you on the quease factor. And it's difficult to achieve a comfortable balance between supporting the big animal/small pool thing (i.e. paying the admission), with the educational value...

    PS. I do camera-free weekends on a regular basis. Sometimes I reckon it's good to just see stuff through my own eyeballs!

  4. wonderful snap!! ive been told that place is fantastic especially for kids! time we're up that way we'll have to stop and take a look!

  5. I have the same sinking feeling when I see large animals in confined spaces/cages... it's a tricky one.

    The weekends are the time when I'm most likely to have my camera out and about with me, knowing I'll have a helping hand with A. being around.

    New cameras are such fun!!! Love this pic Cath.

  6. oh wow me and W are SOOO impressed! Now W has dolphin touching envy!

  7. Great photo!!!
    Loving the colour of the water....

  8. Great shot, yes I agree about the prison thing we have this whole conversation thing going when the Circus comes to town HATE IT! Still on the other side of the fence so cool to be able to be so close to such an awesome aquatic creature.


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