Friday, August 20, 2010

Heston Blumenthal

In case you didn't already know Heston Blumenthal is a Chef ( that is him with the glasses- clearly- as he is not ( dressed as) an oompa loompa) . ARGUABLY one of the worlds best. He has a restaurant called The Fat Duck  that is supposedly one of the best in the world. Now, personally I think they guy is an absolute wanker in the extreme, he is painful arrogant and I imagine surrounds himself with people who tell him how great he is. However, I love his show. Hestons Feasts  is his cooking show but not like any other you have seen. He chooses a theme each weeks and holds an elaborate dinner party, for celebrities of course.

His cooking goes beyond food and using so much science that he is able to do things that just don't appear to still be food by the time he has finished with them. Nothing is ever what it seems. I have seen ( in series one) him serve what looked to be bangers and mash with peas that actually turned out to be dessert, so you think you are getting one thing but it is something else.  I have also seen him set the table for a medieval feast and EVERYTHING was edible- the plates the knives and forks- everything but to look at you would never have known! It was amazing. Last night the theme was Willy Wonka- he made lickable wallpaper and a chocolate river and -wait for it- CHOCOLATE FLAVOURED WATER!!!! I know. I was excited too!!!??? and wondering loudly why cannot I buy this right now??

I won't try to explain it anymore as I may not do it justice but if you haven't already seen it and I am sure you can probably download the Willy Wonka episode from somewhere it's on Thursday nights at 830 on SBS. I am sure it is probably on cable everywhere else.


  1. Chocolate Water--here in the USA we have a drink called YooHoo--it is choco flavored water with (perhaps) a bit of powdered milk thrown in for mouth feel.

  2. Yes I really liked his series on Tudor, Victorian, Medieval etc meals. How annoying are the guests though? Awful people like Germaine Greer. Anyway must download the Willy Wonka one.

    I think the best and truest criticism of his food, which is no doubt technically excellent, is that it is Overhandled. Ie they do too much stuff to it before it gets to your mouth. It's not natural.

  3. I've only seen one episode and it was an Alice in wonderland feast and it blew my mind. Sure he is arrogant but he is a genius and so good at what he does, so I guess I can put up with it.
    Have a wonderful weekend Mrs and thanks for the rant on my blog, I enjoyed it and felt like we were having a real conversation. XX

  4. I know right? That is some water I'd be lining up to drink.

    And if they can do it to water, why can't they do it to vegetables?

    I'd be a whole lot healthier (and out of my mind happy!!

    It's a fascinating show. In a "why would you bother?" kinda way, but I watch anyway, fascinated...

  5. cath,

    i have a confession to make.
    i think he's HOT

    that's all...

  6. I like Heston, I do, and think he could be far more wanky if he wanted to, and a bit of a big head is to be expected when you are told you are all 'woohoo' & 'yeahaw' by everyone... plus, his name kind of declares it, I think... ;)

    What I would LOVE to try, would be that 'drink me' concotion he made in that weird glass beaker with the straw at the bottom....? Cool indeed.

  7. yes, words can't describe the amazing dishes he serves!
    we were enthralled by the willy wonka dinner party - oompa loompas too!
    i couldn't believe he used the chocolate orange packets like the ones mum used to by us as kids

  8. Wasn't the Willy Wonka theme amazing? I'm a big fan of the show - the science, creativity and adventure are such great fun to watch.

    Wouldn't it be ace to to drink your daily requirement of water as chocolate water?!

  9. Just stumbled upon your blog! Love it and will have to check back here more often :)
    I love Heston's feasts too...I think he's extremely talented and passionate about cooking...differently
    Cheers, Kasia


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