Saturday, August 21, 2010


Of course!  I already have. I am taking Busy on a little aeroplane ride this weekend to see Grandma so I did a postal vote earlier in the week.  And don't waste your vote, it does nothing and helps no one.
It's pretty obvious who I voted for right?


  1. The fern tree party?

    Have a wonderful wonderful trip ;)

  2. Love the subtlety! Voted my little heart out this afternoon! I agree that everyone should vote, it's often those that don't that whinge about the result which drives me nuts! Sophie

  3. hehe, lets hope it strikes a chord to change hey!?

  4. I hear you! I think my coloured vote matched your coloured vote. It's a beautiful colour!

  5. Cath, I don't know where you live but if you are in the seat of Melb your vote may have made a difference. I however am in apprently the safest Liberal seat in Australia. Guess what- no visits from high profile pollies to me this election campaign!

  6. same as Tanya, we are in safe labour seat territory here. no visits for us either.
    happy to hear the city of melbourne has had a change for the better.
    go green all the way

    p.s feeling a bit anxious here, speedo boy cannot possibly win can he

  7. Right!!

    I featured you for a bit of product love today over at my place. Hope you don't mind!!! If you do, just let me know straightaway and I'll take it down.


  8. Nice colour choice. :)

  9. Are you back?
    Was it fun?
    Did she spoil you two?
    Did Busy come so well with the plane trip that now you wanna take her flying even further soon? XX
    ps. I'm not mentioning the elction. Its giving me a tummy ache.


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