Monday, August 02, 2010

Point and Shoot

Sunday was a perfect sunny Winters day here. Busy woke up cured of illness almost and we had friends over for lunch. Busy and her Bestie played all afternoon. I actually got to spend a good hour or two sitting on the outdoor setting we got in January. We fired up the wood fired  oven Chef made a couple of years ago (after researching and reading EVERY book published on the topic for the preceding 2 years) and everything tastes good when it comes out of there. EVERYTHING. I do love taking photos of food
Speaking of Pork- sorry vegetarians- my  piggy giveaway continues if you are keen - it is over on  Friday:
For more Point and Shoot head over to Fat Mum Slims..
How was your weekeend? Sunny? Rainy?


  1. That food looks scrumptious!!

    Lovely sunny weekend here.

  2. Sunny times for us here on the left hand side of the country.

  3. that is the best photo!!
    glad you got to enjoy the weekend celebrations.
    chef sounds like my one, researched a woodfire oven for ages online, built one at my mums, was great, but decided it wasn't as big as he down it came.
    hopefully we can build...well, when I say we..I mean, he, can build one at our house in the future.

  4. Oh fantastic photos! I love, love, love the oven. Yum.

  5. Everything? The Mr of this household will need no further oven construction persuasion...

  6. YUM!!! I am a little ( ok a lot) envious of that oven!!! how awesome : )

  7. darling!
    i must say your blog is incredible!
    your fancy pictures are the best!
    i am immensely impressed!
    x x

  8. This looks delish, I love wood oven baked food. I wish I had one too!

  9. Your oven looks wonderful and I love those photos!
    We would love to build something similar but, it's near the bottom of the "To Do" list. I'm afraid a fence and a rain catchment system are above it.
    Ah someday.

  10. That looks GREAT!!! The food the oven, everything...

    Hugs - Jodie :)

  11. I've been meaning to stop by and say Happy Birthday Chooky.

    I can't believe you have a wood fired oven. Can I come and have a holiday at your house?

  12. Oh yummy, that food looks so good! I am sooo hungry. Neat oven too!

  13. Delish! I'm very envious of your perfect outdoor oven.

  14. Hi darlin coveting your oven big love the old stove door...and that feast...I can smell it and it's making me drool!

  15. I want that oven! Please send Chef up here immediately!!

  16. Wow! Wow! I want a backyard big enough for one of those.

    The food looks delicious. x


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