Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Is it just me?

I got an email  from a lovely reader of this blog this morning about a rattle that was on madeit.... have a look?
Does this look familiar?

Does it look like a design that so much blood sweat an tears went into? Does it look like the picture is even taken in a similar way?? the description

sounds so familiar in so many ways I just can't pick where I may have seen it before?
This sweet little rattle features an original illustration which is handprinted in non toxic child friendly ink on 100% natural cotton. The backing is blue cotton vintage stripes.
The wooden ring has been sanded to a natural finish, so its totally safe for little bubs to chew!

Oh and the mini rattle insert makes the sweetest tinkle sounds (easy on mum's tired head!)

Rattle measures 100mm x 75mm perfect for chubby little fingers to grasp!

In light of this post I think it has crossed the line from inspiration.

I am just devastated to have been so ripped off.


  1. Oh, Cath---yours is much lovelier.

  2. I did notice this similarity, but I agree with Wendy, yours are really much more lovely..not the point, I know...

  3. hi Cath I can see why you are annoyed. The lawyer's take is that some ideas are 'generic' and others are 'original'. I am glad I don't practice in intellectual property because that is a VERY blurry line. It may be that the handle idea is generic but not the rest of it. And so on.

    Anyway I digress. Yours are really divine and make me want to have a little baby again.

    And I suggest you email the creator and point out the similarities. ......

  4. Certainly does smell dodgy to me...but everyone is right, yours just are so much...more. If you know what I mean?

  5. Oh Cath. I actually remember seeing this on madeit and have similar thoughts. Its so sad that they have no only copied your work but also your words.

  6. Cath have you e-mailed the moderators at madeit to get their thoughts on this too?

  7. Pfft. As far as rip offs go, it is an obvious, if crappy, one.

    As the others have said yours are soooooo much better - I don't even sort of get the point of this copy - I can't see a little bub being the least bit interested in it, it's not for bub IMO, but a Mum who wants to shabby chic up the nursery or something...

    Anyway, yeah, email them directly, why not? Call them on it, see what they say, if nothing else, it could make for an amusing follow up post.

    I know it must be awful to feel like all your hard work has just been uncerimoniously stolen, but seriously, nobody would buy this instead of yours. Nobody.

  8. I saw that was it yesterday on their news letter and immediastely thought of your article. Using a ring like this is very obvious copy. I also saw some soft toys in one of our local boutique stores that had no recognisable brand name but I have definitely seen the same on one of our major australian sites. Have you contacted the person (she has a blogspot) to VENT your hurt. I think you should. Cherrie

  9. I know they say that imitation is the highest form of flattery, but I can totally understand why this is so upsetting for you. I think you should contact madeit and the seller and vent your frustration and disappointment.

  10. The similarity is striking, but I totally agree that yours are nicer. (Did you see your red rattle that I included in my Loving post on the weekend? Super cute!)

    If you came up with the handle idea then it isn't generic. I hope the maker does the right thing here and understands they've upset you. I hope Madeit takes action too.

    All the best.

  11. Clearly yours is much better , nicer just better ! It doesn't stop you being hurt though .

  12. ohh really! that sucks!!
    I agree with everyone else, yours are so much more designed for a baby.
    have you contacted anyone or the person about it?
    goodluck lovely

  13. Sad to see ~ it's not just you. Everyon/anyone would be able to see it's a rip but a poor one at that.

  14. hi cath,

    i saw that rattle earlier today when i was reading through my monday madeit email! i instantly thought 'its a chunkychooky monster rattle ripoff' when i saw the email pic but when i clicked through to take a better look i decided against emailing you.
    although they use your wooden ring (i hadnt realised the wording was similar) i just think their rattle is different, it does seem dodgy but i dont really see any blantant ripoffs here.
    i agree with jane's suggestion, emailg the creator and point out the similarities? or not bother, your rattles are in a different class...
    your rattles are my fav product in the store, i love!

  15. Oh you poor love! This happens so often - I know all too well what it feels like. I know I didn't invent the 'bird in a tree' applique but when my bestfriend saw a rip off and thought it was mine, you gotta wonder...

    I hope that you get an apology from the naughty person.


  16. Hey Cath, I saw that and instantly thought of you. Having said that, yours are much cooler! Didn't it go in the madeit newsletter?? xox

  17. I did precisely the same as Jen and because I have had to investigate this sort of thing before, I knew what Jane was talking about. A grey blurrrrry line indeed. As everyone else has said, yours are in a WHOLE DIFFERENT CLASS. Not that this is likely to ease the hyperventilation. I have no doubt that Dandelion Beck felt the same about her lavender hearts. Email and confront straight away, I say - particularly if the wording etcetera is an obvious rip-off.

  18. (((hugs)))Those don't hold a candle to yours. I am so sorry you are having to deal with these issues.

  19. I spotted that in the newsletter yesterday too and thought of you but didn't actually look close enough to see who made it (my brain obviously wasn't working)!
    I'm very glad to see that the item has now been removed!

  20. Yep, I thought of you and your previous post when I got my Monday Made-it email. This copy is not even a nice rattle, what is "blue cotton vintage stripe" anyway? Too many adjectives that don't really say anything. Your rattles are so much more interesting for a baby with the faces and the contrasting colours, and I bet they're rattlier too! Sorry you have to be dealing with this.

  21. oh I'm so so so sorry :( That is such a bummer. I can't even imagine what you're feeling.

  22. I hate, hate that this has happened to you.
    Your designs are so much nicer!

  23. Trust me, you have no competition


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