Monday, September 13, 2010

"Have you got a blog?" ( said, perhaps, in a slightly bemused tone)

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See, it's funny isn't it, this blogging caper. I like it very muchly, yet I often wonder, why it is that I find it so hard to explain it to other people. Do you find that?

For a long time you bunch of lovelies were the only ones that knew about my blog... I didn't tell anyone, and it is still something many people who know me know nothing about. I find it so hard to explain the relationships formed and the sense of community that crafty blogs have... that it is not about showing what you have made to show off rather showing what you have made to share it with those who will appreciate the time that went into it. Who will appreciate the time and who will smile when they see it.

To read and see that there are others who like making things for makings sake are doing, at home whilst they juggle families and work and life. Others who understand that when the need to make things takes over nothing can stop or get in that way , that if you have an idea in the middle of the night you need to act on it as it will be impossible to settle until you do? Others who you can share the excitement of learning a new skill, like the first time you sewed a zipper, or finished an embroidery piece etc, or learnt to crochet and you could do nothing other than think about how much crocheting you could fit into your life, could you do it during work meetings etc. Or to inspire others to try new things and to be inspired by others who have pushed themselves and tried new things. Others who understand the overwhelming rush of a new idea and most of all many many others who would never call themselves artists or even refer to themselves as artistic yet create amazing things ALL THE TIME - and this includes taking fabulous pictures, and who maybe for many many years didn't know anyone else who liked making things like they do.

I love the sense of sharing of women's things, mothering and how sometimes it is not all smooth sailing. I love the sharing of ideas, resources, the swaps the giveaways the tutorials. I am nosey by nature and love seeing inside peoples homes, best of all I love Kirtsy's My Creative Space, I love to see what everyday people, like me, are doing at home between hanging out loads of washing and wiping little bums.

And the relationships you have with some of these people you have never met, that you know, you just KNOW you would get along with in real life and that one day you will meet and it will be like seeing an old friend. And these friends send you things for often for NO reason and you could just cry at the niceness of it...I think that is another thing I like to, I love sending little pressies to people as much as I love getting them, probably more so and I love that you are allowed to do that without it being misinterpreted as anything other than nice. Chef is constantly amazed at the little packages that arrive for me (sometimes us) and it took me ages to convince him they weren't Etsy purchases!

Kate and I talked ( when I say talk I mean emailed) about this recently as people keep asking me about Busys dress and where I got it. I was kind of stumbling over my words at a loss as to if I could/ should call Kate "a friend" and how do you refer to someone you have never met but you think is tops without it sounding like a bit of a weirdo? Kate and I decided to refer to each other as friends as we KNOW we would get along in real life and I do see her as a friend...but to the non blogging community it all just sounds a bit weird.

But it is a community right? It is sharing and caring and funny and inspiring.
Is your blog a secret?
What do people say to you when you tell them about your blog?
Do you find it difficult to explain?
Do you know any other bloggers? ( I only know one in real life)


  1. Only my other half knows about my blogging, and it's very little he knows. He has never read or seen my blog.

    It's a little bit of a secret but shhh don't tell anyone!

  2. It is absolutely a community.
    But people who don't belong to it often don't 'get' it!
    I don't keep mine a secret but I suspect a few of my non-blogging friends think I'm a bit of a nut-bag!
    I've been lucky enough to meet lots of bloggers in 'real life'.
    I go to a regular Thursday night stitching session with mainly bloggers and I have managed to meet up with quite a few bloggers at Craft Shows, etc.
    I even went to school with Kate (Fox's Lane) and we have rekindled our friendship via our crafty blogs.
    I'm sitting here looking at the piggy brooch you sent me and I'm thinking ... "Yes, Cath is a friend of mine". Hope you feel the same.
    Andi ;-)

  3. I love this post Cathy! Yes, when I started blogging I wanted a way to record what I had made and 'meet' other like minded people. I was so inspired by other blogs and I wanted to have a go.

    Having a blog has been a way of being creative everyday, even if I'm not making anything, if you know what I mean.

    Some people are funny about it and look at me like I'm weird or I have too much time on my hands, but I get that when I say I crochet too! Some of my friends might look at my blog every few months, while other people, like my sisters fiancées mother, looks at it every day and loves knowing what I am up to. She always mentions my blog when we catch up, and talks about what I'm making. It's really lovely.

    It can be difficult to explain. I tend to keep it simple and just say that it is like a diary of my craft and photos of Cohen, so that my parents can check in when they are travelling.

    I tend to ignore any negativity, because the positive far outweighs it.

    My sister has started blogging and one of my friends, so they are really the only bloggers I 'know', but I feel like I know so many more.

  4. You are so right, it is so difficult to explain. When people have asked for my card, i've said 'i have a blog' when i hand it over. But i don't think most of them realize what I mean. Then they love it, because it is not just about what i make and sell at markets, its a little personal too. People are nosey aren't they?!

    (Though I have to be careful what I say as I have been cut out of my parents lives this year. I can say that here can't I?!)

    The friendships I have made on these blogs are just amazing - the best bit about it!x

  5. i LOVE this post!
    so true about everything you say.
    Just thinking about telling people about blogging, well it's funny because I don't get negativity because the people that know about me blogging do get it, whether they are bloggers or just lurkers.

    doing markets & craft nights I guess I have met so many bloggers & I feel very lucky to have met them & actually call them real life friends.

    I am sure that I have said this to you before, but you are one of the blogs they I do connect with & visit everytime your post pops up.

    with the "kate" dress, I say a friend made it, because you know what, I feel like she is as I feel you are too!

  6. Awesome post, Cathy!

    I'm really bad, I don't even discuss it with my husband. He knows I blog but we never talk about it. {It sounds like something really sordid, doesn't it? Not something as innocent as a blog!} At first I was a bit embarrassed to admit that I was blogging, it seemed a little uncool, like internet dating, or playing bowls when you're under 60. Then it kind of got to the point where I didn't want to talk about it. The only way I can really explain it is this: I give them everything: this, it's my time out. My whole life revolves around my little family, the only thing that doesn't is blogging, and I don't want them encroaching on it. Is that a bit selfish? I know it's a bit silly really, not talking about it at all, but it's pretty much the only thing that I have all to myself, the only thing that's not about them. In saying that, if he asked me about it, of course I would talk to him, so I'm not a total weirdo.

    That just sounds a little crazy, reading back! Oh well.

    As for everyone else, no. My Mum, Dad and sister read it, but none of my friends know about it. I did put a link on my personal facebook once, but I took it down. I chickened out. I knew it would lead to stacks of questions - most of them I didn't really know how to answer, not to mention all the teasing from my guy friends.

    So that's my position, as embarrassing as it is to admit ;p

  7. Thank you for putting it in words!
    I do blog, it is no secret, but I did my settings so that you can't search my real name and find it. I don't want my neighbours to read it, or my family - as it isn't intended for them. it is intended for those fellow crafters that I don't meet at our local craft guild or quilt guild. Those that I may be lucky and bump into at national events - or visit during our holidays. And of course, those that I never meet in real life, but I still feel I know them by following their blog. And who knows, sometime in the future we just might meet.

  8. I absolutely relate to this. So many of my friends know I have a blog, but have never read it. Or don't even know. I remember when I friend found out - she was all 'what?? why didn't you ever tell me?' - and it was this weird, weird, unsaid thing. I just said, it's like a personal diary.. Which it's not.. BUt I know you know what I mean!

  9. I love this post and totally agree with what you're saying.
    When I tell people they think it's weird ( lets face it they think I'm weird anyway) and don't really understand it or the sense of connection and I guess real friendship. Even for those you have never met.
    I have been lucky enough to meet some bloggers, and just like you said, we got on so well have become friends but i know they are heaps of peole I haven't met ( like you) that it would be the same.
    Like you I've started calling them my friends, rather than my blogging friends, because it makes life simpler and I'm tired of explaining over and over.
    I feel so lucky to be part of this community and it some ways I feel the level of exceptance and understanding and connection i feel i have with is more than i have with my "real" life friends.
    thanks again for the wonderful post xo

  10. My closest friend and my partner are the only ones that know about my blog other than my fellow bloggers of course. I know exactly what you mean, strange that I am not even sure I want to publish it to my facebook page, so weird.

  11. This is so good ! My husband knows I have a blog but has never read it and probably isn't that interested but I thought I was the only one who didn't share every typed sentence with hubby hanging over my shoulder . It was great to hear the comments from the other "shady" wives , lol !

  12. I have two close girlfriends who just don't get the blogging thing at all. One of them has only clicked on my blog once in the last two and a half years. It's getting to the point where I just don't think they know me at all anymore.
    As for my bloggy friends - I don't know where to start gushing about them! I've been sooooo lucky to meet soooo many of them in real life, and to strike up real life friendships that I absolutely cherish. What a funny little path blogging has led us all down.

  13. There are some in my family that actually make little bitchy comments about it but they're the same ones who have difficulty turning the computer on so there's no point trying to explain it to them! I really enjoy blogging (as I enjoy my 'stupid' little crafts & 'pointless' pictures I draw) and I used to get a little frustrated with comments like, "Well I would never have time," as though I sit on here all day ignoring my mummy & wifely duties. This was especially annoying as they have equal responsibility as myself (kids, housework etc.) but, unlike me, don't work or have hobbies..... ??? They go to the post office to pay bills (which would take 5 minutes online), they chat on the phone and they watch too much tv whilst I'm crafting & blogging. Each to thier own. :)

  14. I have been thinking a lot about this lately. Had been thinking about doing a post on this topic. You have explained it really well.
    I did not tell anyone for a long time, (only Bianca) now I have told people, they just dont seem to get it. If I am talking to someone about something, I may say, you can see a picture of it on my blog and they just laugh and say "oh your blog, thats right" I don't get why they don't get it!!!
    It's a viscious circle! Then there are others around town who have seen it and think its a good thing to do. Not even my extended family looks at it - it does not matter, it's what I like to do and that is all that matters.
    Oh, and I met Kate,(you can read about it on my blog :) ) we just drove over there for the day and said hello, spent the arvo sitting around chatting, was lovely - would recommend you do the same.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  15. You are so right on! I can completely relate to everything you have shared here. : )

  16. I have a few girlfriends that have never read my blog - they just dont get it - and just like Curly pops I feel like they are missing out on such and important part of me. I love the people I have met in the bloggy world and always make an effort to say hello in real life (at a market etc) to them. I wish we had a virtual plane to meet up with the rest!

  17. Fantastic post!
    My hubby doesn't get it and he'll often tell people in a slightly bemused way. I wish he wouldn't because I'd rather people read my blog who were interested for the right reasons not just because they were nosey (if that makes sense?).

  18. What a lovely post. I only know three other people in real life that have blogs, but I feel as though I have heaps of friends through blogs I read that, like you, I KNOW I'd get on with if we ever meet (which I hope we do).

    My blog's not a secret, but I've never told anyone about it outright. I've just started publishing it on my personal Facebook page but the friends I have on there are old friends and overseas family, so not people I see all the time. My Mum and Sister read it.

    I've really enjoyed reading all the comments so far.

  19. I love this post and the way you put things Ms Cath! You have such a wonderful way with words.
    Both my parents have blogs and three out of four of us, their children, do too. Lots of my friends have blogs and I know that a lot that don't blog still read mine to find out what we are up to. I am an out and proud blogger.
    I have met lots of bloggers in the past year or so that I've been blogging and I feel pretty strongly that you can almost always tell if you will like someone in real life. I know that when we meet we will feel like we have known each other for years. And that you will be happy for me to be the bossy older sister you always wished you had. X

  20. Thanks for the well wishes, my bloggy internetty friends are so super supportive, and I only know one of them in real life. I love em :)

  21. A while ago I put out an email to most people I know and told them about my blog. This is because the making and sharing and storytelling is so much a part of my life now that I just held my head up and "outed" it. My husband gets my posts in his Google reader at work, my Mum reads it, some of my friends read it - none of them are followers or even leave comments but they often talk to me about something they have read or seen there. I don't know that everyone understands why I do it, and its the community part that is actually the hardest to explain or for people to understand, but thats OK. At least I don't have the nervous hiding in the cupboard feeling any more.

  22. I was very shy about my blog when I first started out and didn't tell anyone except Ms L. Even when I went to a Brown Owls night I didn't really want to tell people what my blog was.

    I laugh when I look back at those beginnings because I am so much more confident these days, in life as well as on my blog.

    I thank blogging for reconnecting me with the world, and for me it has meant so much more than online connections.

    Of course, there are some friends I am yet to meet in person, but I can't wait to do that one day. xxx

  23. Yes its absolutely a community of young hip Nana types trying to brain storm on how we can live in this crazy world without destroying it and ourselves!!! It also allows us to be swept away with some really HEALTHY creative stuff rather than be overloaded with BS. I tell people I blog some are interested but most just don't get it!!

  24. What a great post. I actually just started my blog a couple of months ago and have gotten such an incredible response. It's actually made me feel more creative than my day job as a creative writer (not sure what that says about my job :)
    I was totally nervous and insecure to share my blog but everyone has been really supportive. And no, I don't know other bloggers, but I did email a blogger and she's now sort of my mentor. I know - I'm a total blog dork. but i embrace my inner dorkness - it's who i am.

  25. Fabulous post Cath!

    I’m a bit in and out of the “closet”. My friends know, but most aren’t really interested. A few of them read it more regularly now that the posts come up on my facebook fan page. I refer to my bloggy friends as just friends now, as many have said above, it’s just easier! And when I consider some of the people I know in real life, that I refer to as “friends” many bloggers are much more important and better friends to me. I have made a huge effort to keep it from my Mum, she’d love to read it, but if she knew about it then she would just be able to embarrass and hassle me online as well as off!

    I often find myself jealous of all you Victorian bloggers who are close enough to catch up and support each other in real life, but I am very happy to have you involved in my life from far. Its quiet a wonderful thing to have people I have never met from across the globe supporting me and wishing me luck as I take on new and exciting projects! I have felt it and appreciated it so much lately.

    We are building a new house and the area is only just being developed, so we are spending lots of time wondering what our neighbours are going to be like… The other day I thought it would be so cool if I was able to build a neighbourhood out of all of the fabulous bloggy friends I have made. Just imagine it, so many diverse and wonderful people whose values and interests complement and inspire each other. I think it would be Utopia!

  26. I've been thinking about your post for a couple of days now, wanting to chime in and tell you what a good way you have of putting it. I can only echo what others have already said.

    I am still so pleasantly awed at the connections I've made, and how silly happy some of my blog buddies have made me from time to time. I don't tell too many people about my blog (in my every day life) but, I must say that the Mr. likes to spread the word. Which is very sweet and lovely, though I do tend to forget that his co-workers might be reading.

    Anyway, excellent post my friend!

  27. only some of my family know.
    i refer to it as "a place to show my pretties".
    i refer to blog surfing as "looking at pretties."
    i very rarely use the word blog, ever.
    i know no one personally that is a blogger (in real life).

  28. hola! te cuento que en mi caso mi familia y amigos mas allegados saben que tengo un blog aunque solo alguno de ellos entra a ver que pongo... el resto se van enterando muy de a poco... mi blog va a cumplir 2 años yrecien hace un par de meses lo publique en mi facebook para que los que no sabian de el lo puedan visitar... pero realmente la gente no lo comprende...
    creo que eso lo hace mas especial... lo hago parami y para mis amigas virtuales... ellas me comprenden y yo las comprendo cuando muestran algo aunque sea una pequeñes y lo presentan como gran logro!!! jeje
    y si... aca organizamos reuniones con amigas bloggeras me junte con 5 de ellas y es hermoso porque nos regalamos nuestros trabajos y bueno deseo conocer a muchas mas pero para eso... hay que viajar!
    te dejo un beso desde cordoba argentina

  29. So far two of my sisters know I blog... and my husband, and his best mate at work (who also blogs and knits, but does NOT have a knitting blog (a sci-fi literary blog actually).

    I have loved getting to "visit" so many people's homes and lives through blogging and would like to one day form "real life" connections too (in fact, my daughter gets excited whenever she sees Busy, and says "I think we would be friends..." and I think she's got a point... i think in many ways i "fit in" more easily, and feel I share more values and interests with you and many other bloggers than in our playgroup for example...)
    oh, I just remembered I told Jodie (ric rac) and Annie (annie flower garden) about my blog the day after I started it when I saw them at a craft show.... the first real life bloggers I met!
    thanks for this post - I've enjoyed reading it and thinking about it a lot... and sorry for writing so much, but you did say EVERYTHING!

  30. I have been so lucky, I guess the benefits of living in Melbs that I have met lots of bloggers and yet to have a bad 'blogger date' and as I look who we are catching up with and who my kids are playing with and who actually respond to me, they are my blogging friends. The playgroup friends I will send out to ask if they want to do something aand you my get 2 people that can be bothered replying. I actually find the same thing with twitter (even though I get why lots of people dont get it).
    I def. think of you as a friend and have shared parts that have only come from that belief. It is a strange thing for sure, and it sounds even wierder when you right it, but a great thing over all without sounding like a weird stalker.
    I am don't not tell people about it if is in conversation, but I am usually pretty an open book. Because friends and fam live far away they check out the kids and stuff. If there is something a little more personal I will probably write it on twitter which I don't really talk about.

  31. I can relate too. Until recently hardly any of my friends knew that I had a blog and I was a bit nervous to give people I know well my blog address (including my family).. but that all changed when my blog was featured in a magazine article and the cat was out of the bag so to speak. Although I have had several friends ask, what is a blog? lol. The feedback has been all positive so thats important to me - i want to be myself on my blog.
    I have plans to meet a bloggy friend for the first time this week - nervous and excited!

  32. I have no problem telling others i have a blog...the hard part comes explaining how I make income from it.
    They're like, what do you mean? and how? ..... I love BLOGGING...and i have a pretty large following but people that dont blog just dont get it.

    But yes, it can be difficult to explain at times...


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