Saturday, September 18, 2010

What a great week!!

A while ago I was contacted by a lovely woman called Katie who had just bought a rattle on Etsy and was asking about if I could gift wrap the rattle and post it to someone else, and she also wanted three more as they were for Quads! She was given my special multiple births discount rate of course*. How exciting QUADS!  Katie told me theirs names and that they were still in hospital and one of them had to have surgery. My heart went out to their parents, how exciting and stressful and what a blessing, four blessings in a row..but having them still in hospital....heart breaking. A few weeks past and Katie sent me an excerpt of an email from their mother:

"They came with a sweet hand-written note from the woman who made them and were individually
packaged in little brown lunch bags with teeny clothes-pin closures.I love each and every one of them and they are perfectly suited for each baby. We've hung them on mobiles right now so they watch them spin and twirl around..Lily especially watches hers very intently. As soon as they're old enough to start grasping, I'm going to stuff the little creatures into the babies' palms and tell them not to let go :)"

I cried! Not just because she liked them, but because a little bit of me does go into everything I make, a little bit of love and care and me and to know that they are hanging over a tiny babies cot and they are looking up at them, well it makes my belly feel nice inside. This email from her is WHY I make things, why I make things for little babies to smile at and for children to giggle at. Sigh. It has made my day.

Busy's newborn feet
 I have been crying a lot this week- tears of joy. Some lovely friends of mine who I have written about before are having a baby. I cried so much when I found out Chef was laughing at me. I am so excited for them, it was so unexpected and what an absolute delight. I had to stop myself from leaping into the sewing room to start making things for the baby... (but this was a few days ago, so the sewing has started!!)

And to top it all off- another Kiva loan has been repaid and today I get to choose someone else to lend the money too! I have started a team on Kiva too! Crafty Bloggers? Want to join up? I have sent some of you an email but please don't feel any pressure I know it is not always a good time, but I would love it if you put the logo on your blog even if you cannot participate? They are here

What was your good news this week? What warmed the cockles of your heart? What was that nice thing someone said to you? What was something nice that happened to you?Tell us!!!


  1. Cath, that sounds like an super-sonic week of lovely. Someone left a bag of chocolates in my pigeon hole at work this week...and I have no idea who it was!

  2. You're such a big sook. ;)

    Aaaaw, you know I'm kidding!!! What a beautiful story... those rattles will be treasured for a long time to come, as a memory of friendship, support, caring & the celebration of four little miracles.

    Something nice that happened to me? My sweetie has started to use the potty & it made me realise that she is growing up, & that I must treasure every moment with my wee little girl, while she is still indeed, my little girl.


  3. Awww that warms the cockles on a chilly Saturday morn....

  4. Nothing like a case of the Warm and Fuzzies to launch a weekend. Dontchajust love craft (not a question).

  5. I had a pretty great week, too -- which I really needed since the week before was awful! To "recover" from the bad, I took a little time out (when I could) from life to "recover" a $7 yard sale chair I had just bought. It was just the project I needed and am over-joyed with all the comments I have received on it. Even my fav fabric designer saw it and left a sweet comment, it was wonderful!


  6. what a beautiful story and what a beautiful part you had in it, the gift you gave in the beautiful rattles you make, something of comfort and love and companionship for these little people to carry through their lives.
    I totally know what you mean about these sorts of things are the reason you make stuff, when something wonderful happens to me or there is incredible feedback, there is nothing like it.
    lots of loveliness came my week, especially from a certain someone making an animation of one of my lambs, plus some pretty amazing friends were really there for me on something that was making me sad. xo

  7. Such a nice heart warming story.
    My heart warming story is that a friend of mines husband dies about a month ago in a car accident. Very sad. The employees of where he worked all donated 1 day of their pay to her so she wouldn't lose her house as he was the main bread winner. Now she has a hefty check to pay off it. There is so much goodness out there.

  8. aww, what a sweet post! that really is what makes the world go round.
    definitely makes me smile.
    a few things made me smile this week, some sweet blog loving just because.
    hope you have a fab Sunday and loving those little cutie feet!

  9. What a great story! I love it when you hear back from people about the things you made for them.

    Also, congratulations on getting that loan paid!

  10. What a lovely post. Made me smile.I have just posted my ♥Springtime giveaway♥ on my blog pls feel free to enter and spread the word in blog land :) Read more here --->

  11. You've probably seen this already, but I thought of you when I read it so figured I should pass it on:

  12. How wonderful! Thank you for sharing this story, of course they will be treasured and shook and gummed and loved X 4!!!!


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