Saturday, October 23, 2010

Could Chef be any prouder....( warning vegetarians)??

 On Thursday night a little girl made her Dad proud. It was a warm night, the first BBQ of Summer and a little girl stood on a stool....
She was given special Busy sized tongs and special instructions from Dad.  Lift and flip Busy!

She picked it up and flipped it on the first go!

(Look closely to see lamb chop in mid air)
Chef glowed with pride. "That's my girl!"
Busy ate lamb for the first time.
 Chef and Mum high fived each other.
Everyone was happy.
They were reminded just how good life can be.

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  1. Ha! Love the mid air chop.
    It's a little bittersweet to be hearing about BBQs from all you lot down there. As I sit here the storm clouds are gathering for what looks to be the beginning of the rainy season. Ah well, it'll be the other way 'round soon enough I'm sure.

    Your outdoor kitchen area is fantastic!

  2. Good on her! Eating food that you've helped cook is always good ... especially when you're three!

  3. haha awesome stuff! we're meant to be going to a barbeque today but it's pouring!

  4. Brilliant girl. Hmmm, maybe we should get a BBQ and start my food-phobic William grilling things left right and centre.

  5. A little girl after my own 'meatatarian' heart!

  6. cool! barbies are the best arent they!?

  7. Naaaaaaaaawwww! Punk would be more like 'lift & flip... onto the ground' lol, go Busy!!

  8. I think she might be in charge of BBQs all summer! Lovely seeing her "concentrating face"!

  9. She looks so proud of herself, very sweet.

  10. I'm not going to say that 'M' world, but i can see why chef is a proud papa.


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