Friday, October 22, 2010

My first meme....

I saw this over at Bec's blog  a little while ago and I have changed it around a bit  as a few of us may be running out of steam in the final Blogtober stretch...
So here we go:
4 things that I always carry:
1. notebook and pen
2. moisteriser
3. lip balm
4. water bottle

4 things that are in my bedroom
1. dust balls the size of tumbleweeds ( really should get onto that)
2. a pile of books and magazines ... the great thing about The Art of Looking sideaways is that youcn open it an any page when sometimes yu don't feel like reading a novel...
3. treaure Busy leaves me beside my bed, like shells, beads etc
4. Zac laying on the floor beside me

4 Things that I would like to do but haven't done yet
1. Aid work or volunteering in a far away place
2. take Busy on an African safari
3. Have something of mine featured in INSIDE OUT magazine!!!( I will not rest unitl I have done this)
4. Go to Italy, Morocco, and Paris with Chef and Busy ???

4 things that you don't know about me:
1. Apparently I am related to Vlad the Impaler who Dracula was based on. Apparently.
2. I cannot I mean absolutely cannot walk past a rug and not straighten it
3. I can raise one eyebrow and often do
4. I am terrifed of something poking me in the eye

4 things I often wonder
1. how can I exploit the fact that I am related to Vald the Impaler?
2. did other people ever lick a flyscreen when they were a child?
3. why don't I have wings?
4. why do people hold onto minor slights by others, when really, life is too short?

I am excited to have got that Mclinky thingy to work!!! please leave a commnet and join in at anytime over the next week. Don't forget to come back really soon as I have a giveaway planned and it is BIG!


  1. What do you mean you don't have wings????

  2. Thanks for coming up this idea. It will come in very handy. I've come to realise how dull my life is this month. (Thanks tinniegirl!)
    How on earth did you find out you are related to to Vald the Impaler? Did someone do your family tree?

  3. yes, apparently a direct descendant on my Romani ( Romanian gyspy) ( that explained a heck of a lot when I found that out too) great grandmothers side....

  4. What fun things to know!
    Some like the flyscreen thing I could have lived without.
    Have a happy Friday Mrs. X

  5. Thanks for only 5 questions - liked this and enjoying the reading.

    I wish i could strap a water bottle (oh and a toilet) onto me at the moment so i didn't go without and suffer...

  6. I really enjoyed this post Cath! I'm with you on the wing thing. Perhaps we have them but we just can't see them! Have a happy weekend and keep away from fly screens ok?

  7. Okay... I'm thinking about it. Love your responses. Darcula is one of my favourite novels and I am really into many of the film versions too... so I'm totally impressed with your connect. Wowweee.
    ... I'm going to struggle with the meme though because I am such a hopelessly disorganised person that I don't think there are four things I always have with me. I loose stuff ALL the time!!! Maybe I'll adapt it to four things I wish I had with me?!?!

  8. Your meme is far more interesting than mine. Thanks for hosting this and giving me something to post about. Cherrie

  9. I tried out a disposable razor when I was little...then I licked it to get the hair off. Bad idea. Never did lick a flyscreen though.

  10. flyscreen licker hey, mmmm yum! Loved reading this, it was a fun little 'get to know you' wasnt it!?

  11. this is a great idea :) i just did mine :)

  12. Fellow fly screen licker here....used to...not any more.
    Funny read :)

  13. i loved your list. i think that flyscreen licking is a little disturbing, although i gobbled up a live snail when i was a toddler. if you cant get a bit of kudos out of the family tree at this time of year (halloween looming) then holy heck thats just not fair. might have to add my name to your list over the weekend, i couldn't be trusted now, i keep nodding off and anything could happen

  14. I didn't lick the flyscreen, but I ate paste. Remember how good it smelled? And why the heck don't they sell paste anymore? Danged gluesticks...

  15. Ha ha! This is a good one - I think I'll join in, I've enjoyed reading everyone elses!

  16. definitely a gret deal of inspiration here, I'll join in too, cause my inspiration alas has been lacking too...

  17. Hello this is a brilliant idea. I've not dried up on Blogtoberfest, YET, but will use this in the next few days.

    Fiona x


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