Monday, October 11, 2010


I love a man with a sleeve.

I often ponder what it is like to wonder.
I often remember fondly what it was like before we couldn't get an answer ( not necessarily a correct one) to everything with a few clicks.
I think it is sometimes nice  NOT  to know.
To wonder for a while.
To ponder.
To think and come up with your own answer.
To go to the library and find out.

Don't you think?


  1. Absolutely!
    Pony Girl and I were just wondering about sharks today, then we pondered awhile to share what we did know with each other. Then, The Engineer took her to the library to find a book about them so we could know more...letting me rest on the couch and go round and round with hook and yarn. Yes, sometimes it is good to ponder.

  2. Oh yes, pondering is lovely. It's a favourite pastime of mine.

  3. Hey, this is the second post about pondering I've seen today in Blogtoberfest - now where was the other one... was Gypsy over at Dance for Cheese!

    I often ponder and then give up and Google it instead! Although I also take my kids to the library for a book if they have a question I can't answer (like "Is honey bee poo or bee vomit?" - it's bee vomit!!).

  4. mmmm, I definately think it nice to ponder over men such as those you have pictured ;)

  5. Snap Cath! Great minds think alike! I'm glad I'm not the only one who ponders and wonders about such things.

  6. oh i love a good ponder, i do it all too often, and often about sleaves!

  7. There's nothing like a good ponder, and I do feel that sometimes it's better not to know...for a while.

  8. I totally agree! To think I grew up without computers or cell phones, no internet or XBox! I spent hours at the library and now anytime I need to find something out I just Google it. Things were so much "simpler" back then even without everything at our fingertips :)

  9. I had to look at your post and see what that cute man was all I might ponder about his sleeve.

  10. I'm starting to follow the 'mindfulness' - kindof a philosophy, if you like. Pondering is a very important part to maturity.
    And the answers to life's most important questions, cannot be found in an instant.

  11. Not nearly enough pondering anymore...


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