Monday, November 22, 2010

Sew your own chunky chooky softie.

A while ago, I had this idea... to make little kits, so people could sew their own softies but they would be simple and easy enough for kids to make them.... so young kids could be encouraged to sew and have something quite easy they could complete themselves and either keep or give as a gift. Or something for people who really want to sew and find it a bit overwhelming I started with some sketches.....
and after much tweaking of the design and clothes and colours,
I can finally show you the finished product, Regina and Rafferty Rabbit.

here is what they look like before you sew them together...


and this is the kit packaging...  I wanted to keep it really simple

So because they are sold as a kit, I needed some older kids to be pattern testers. Some big kids, whose mum sews and who would make them as soon as they arrived! So I sent Rafferty and Regina to Indi and Jazzy, daughters of my friend Kate from Foxs Lane.  She took so many amazing photos I  wanted to show them all but here are the girls making their rabbits:  

....and their finished rabbits! Indi sewed hers on her new sewing machine she got for her birthday! Yay!!! And Jazzy also used the machine with some help and they both did a fantastic job!
I am so proud of how well they turned out and I am so thrilled that they loved them. I sent a little survey for them to fill out and they loved them and enjoyed making them so much. It has made me very happy.
So a kit includes 100% certified organic cotton with a front picture and back picture of Rafferty or Regina to be cut out and sewn together. Full instructions are included.
If you would like to make your own Rafferty or Regina you can buy yourself one here or you can buy a double kit of both of them, in case you can't decide here. Great Christmas presents!!!


  1. They are absolutely gorgeous Cath. You must be so thrilled. Even a non-sewer like me could be tempted by those.

  2. Yah for Chunky Chooky softie goodness - how cute!

  3. Yay, another brilliant Chunky Chooky product!
    Unfortunately there was no survey for me to fill out but if there had been I would have raved about them too. I love the simple yet funky packaging, I love how excited my girls were to make them and I love their cute little outfits.This is such an ace project for kids from age 6 til 100 I think. XX

  4. Oh...they are FANTASTIC!!!!! Geez love...where do you get your energy from!!!!

  5. she steals it from me Leonie

  6. super idea - love the simplicity - i think i could handle it!

  7. Oh wow, they are ace, I love the size of them. Kate's girls did an awesome job too. Well done all round!

  8. That is a fabulous item and a great way to get children excited about sewing.Congratulations for your new plush toy kits!

  9. The softies are so cute and Kate's girls are so gorgeous and clever. How wonderful.

  10. amazing Cath!! what a great little kit!


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