Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Please vote for me at Plushie Palooza

Guess what? Remember a while ago when Vic asked me to make a robot rattle for her then little baby who has since been born ( his name is Spencer and he is really cute, of course)  well it was around about the same time I got asked to join in the fun that is Plushie Palooza over on the fabulousness that is Kid Independent.  I had an idea to make a giant robot the same as the rattles but way bigger, and this was exactly the incentive I needed.

So what is Plushie Palooza?  Well I am glad you asked:
A new plushie will be posted every day at 12noon {AEST} until 30 November, 2010. You can vote on your favourites by adding a comment to the corresponding post. At the end of the festival, the plushie with the most votes will win the Golden Plushie award along with a big boost to their ego. You are welcome to post comments on all of the plushies that take your fancy, however, please only post one comment on each post. ( this is from Kid independent)
 ........and did you know you can enter for a chance to win one of the 30 plushies! Every single plushie featured will be given away!

You see when I see the words Golden Plushie something inside my belly stirs. So remember this robot? He is my entry:

So I would love to ask you with a pretty please and a cherry on top to pop on over to Plushie Palooza and just leave a comment under my robot. That is all you have to do... and it would  mean ever so much to me.... really a lot.... but only one comment per person...

....and if you really think my robot is a worthy winner you could even go so far as putting this on your blog with a link back to this post??
It would really make my day. x


what a nice person you are- taking the time to comment in this busy hectic world...Thank you!!