Saturday, December 11, 2010

Happy Happy

My happy list:
the excitement and anticipation of Christmas in our house, it hasn't felt this exciting since I was a child... seeing Busy so excited is so sweet,
 the trip on a cold rainy morning last weekend with chainsaw in tow as Chef ,Busy and I looked for the perfect tree on the side of the road - which we found, and have decorated with lots of handmade decorations, hearing her come home from preschool having learnt Christmas carols and get the words wrong but it is so sweet.... and teaching her how important it is to give presents too... answering her questions about Christmas  " Does Santa have Claws? Why is he called Santa Claus then?"
that Busy can now write her name all by herself and it makes me so excited, that so many of my friends are having babies, that we live here and that I walked through town with Busy today and was gone for 2 hours just running into people and stopping for a chat on a Saturday morning, that Busy is made to feel so welcome everywhere we go, that my cushions have sold even better than I ever imagined and every time someone buys one they tell me the little story about why they are buying that place, I love that, the smell of Chefs curry for dinner, that last week I saw the Lemonheads and was in a room full of people who love them as much as me and we all screamed every word to every song and it was so ace,
the fact that this little visitor ( below) came inside the other day and I didn't really mind, but I was able to ring someone to put her outside again, but not too far away as she hangs around a lot ( I don't actually know if it is a girl snake i just prefer to think of it as one) and she came and said hello again today from up in a tree nearby and it was nice to see her again,  

that it is the weekend and we are catching up with friends for breakfast, afternoon tea and dinner tomorrow in three separate locations and I cannot wait.


  1. Ok I admit it the snake would not have made it to my happy list :D The person who put it out would of been at the top of the list ;) Such a lovely blog you have I've not visited before will have to go have a long look around with a cuppa :D

  2. Oh my...snake...certainly not on my happy list! ~Moags :)

  3. ooh snake, she looks beautiful! I love the excitement in busy's face, christmas is so fun with kids isnt it!?

  4. Holy cow. That is one decent sized snake visitor you have there. Glad that she is making you happy.

  5. what a great happy list Cath! made me smile.
    kids are the cutest around this time and all the questions.
    everytime the kids see a christmas tree in the street they squeal with excitement.
    I also love walking down the street and chatting to people & feeling a part of a little community.
    happy weekend to you all ♥

  6. It excitement of Christmas when you're a child, or witnessing it, is such a happy making thing xo

  7. Ahhh Christmas excitement ! I love it ! Gorgeous post and list, altho, I admit too that the snake would not have made me happy! Enjoy the rest of the weekend, Dee x

  8. I love the fun and community that comes with living in a small town too, and I love that your cushions are selling, and I love the claws comment, and babies, and name writing and that sweet girl's excited face BUT I do not like your enormous visitor. Not one little bit. I cannot believe she made it on to your list.
    Happy Sunday lovely cath! X

  9. I love seeing, and reading about, Busy's excitement, and I love that your cushions are selling so well, and I even love that you are so relaxed about a snake visitor - even though I know I wouldn't be!
    Hope you had a lovely time eating out all day today!

  10. I love snakes, but I prefer them not to come in to my house. I'm much more of a look at them at a zoo and only touch the ones that the keeper brings out kinda gal.

  11. Yay for all your happies! But how about if Mrs Snake was warming your bed for you or some such? Happy???!

  12. Love that small town community thing too. . . just not when you're trying to do a quick dash into the shop to grab something in a mega hurry!

  13. Don't you just love this time of the year. Gorgeous, gorgeous busy.

    I was looking at that last photo before I read the post going you know..that looks like a real snake than I realized it was. Ick!

    My trip has been put off but Mum said my books arrived. Thank you so much lovely xx


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