Monday, January 24, 2011

Bigger better and even more ANTAGONISTIC

Remember how much this innocent little peice of fabric set the cat among the ( poor) pigeons last time???

 Well now it is bigger!!! A whopping 16inches/ 41cms!
Its made from 100% certified organic cotton!
Even more of a statement!!
Even more likely to cause heated discussion and debate!!!
Or just a big thumbs up from your mates?
 I am donating $10 from the sale of each cushion to the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre
And before you make a comment telling me I am irresponsible, or some other silliness read this first and make sure you have your "facts" right.  
If you want to "win" an Antartica cushion and singing blue bird brooch, donate $5 to the Premiers Flood Releif Appeal  and then go here.
The "raffle" will be open until Wednesday, 26th Jan, 7pm  MIDDAY
If you want to see some other new cushions and new maps you can go here or here.


  1. BRAVO!
    Having you been watching that documentary on SBS about immigration in Australia. I've caught a few episodes. I was suprised about the Whitlam Labour Govt response to the vietamese boat people - concerned that since they were fleeing communism they wouldn't vote left. Interesting.

    People arriving by boat in Australia is only 1% of total immigration. Such a small number to cause such a big fuss. Of course lots of people seek aslyum and arrive via airports, but no one really seems to be bothered by that.

    Anyway ... I'm babbling. Bravo for the bigger and better cushion! Cath you rock!!! (... the boat one might say ;)

  2. whoo hoo - proving that in certain situations bigger is better. Well done you.

  3. Just read the comments on the old post, I see I'm in good company sending love mail for this one :-)

  4. I think you should cut to the chase. I'm thinking DOONA COVER.

  5. Just think... one day you could make one to rival the Big Pineapple!!! I'd like to see that :)) Bet a satellite could see it too... wouldn't that be great? :) Kx

  6. Good luck! Lets see how many cats come out to play with the pigeons.

  7. I'm with tania - doona cover would be awesome !!!
    You rock Miss Cath

  8. The doona cover would definitely be ace and you could use the maps on the pillowcases to show where refugees where coming from and heading to!

  9. Hi,

    Im very new to this but just wanted to say hi and I love your work.

    Please feel free to drop by and say hello or comment.


  10. I reckon a beach towel would be great too!

  11. Right on lady, Antagonise away!!! I really really love love love my cushion, thank you so much.

  12. Nice work! Perhaps you could get into sail making? My favourite issue to roll my eyes like a petulent teenager on when people start waxing lyrical on 'queue jumpers'... I've grown bored of being polite x


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