Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Five minute frock

 This dress took 5 minutes to make. I was at spotters yesterday and saw fabric that was already shirred. ( If you want to it yourself  here is a two minute explanation)

The choices of fabric were quite vile but I like this one, a nice green. So all you have to do is wrap it around the chest, cut, sew together and hem. Easy peasy.

    It does not twirl.

however you can play with Zac while wearing it

and you can jump...

 but it doesn't protect you from rhinobugs in the garden.

This is a rhino bug
Not exactly the friendliest looking of creatures, but I pissed myself laughing when she saw it and it was right next to her.
They are harmless.
She is fine.
Later on she wanted to pick it up.


  1. haha Rhino bugs, they do look pretty menacing dont they, worse when they manage to get there claws hooked into the fabric of your clothing or cling to your skin and continue hissing like crazy while you try and flick them off! Very funny pictures and dialogue :)

  2. Wow, rhino bugs, bizarre critters, glad they don't live in my neck of the woods. Great photos.
    Great five minute dress, how fab is that.
    I remember making one for myself when I was ten year old, but you couldn't get the fabric already shirred. Had to do that myself.
    I was very proud of my achievement, it was a green and white check gingham and I put two straps on it.
    Sadly, I think my sewing skills went downhill from

  3. It's a lovely dress. Unfortunately my girl (3) is sooo obsessed with twirly skirts right now, she won't go near anything else. I spent waaaaay more than 5 mins making her a 16 panelled multi-fabric twirly one for Christmas, but she thinks it doesn't twirl enough and she "doesn't like it"!!! Ahhh.
    I love rhino beetles, I miss them, living overseas now ;)
    x Rhi

  4. Fabulous bug, fabulous frock!

  5. Cute! I have seen that stuff before but the designs weren't so pretty. Love a bit of quick fix crafting. X

  6. That is one seriously scary looking bug. And one seriously cute girl in a beautiful dress.

  7. I don't think that dresses come much faster than that! You got a sweet print too. It always amazines me how many fabrics get printed in hideous prints, even allowing for everyone's differing tastes. That's why they end up on the clearance table. Print nice fabrics, people!

  8. Like the green.
    Don't like the bug.
    Really want that hair!

  9. OMG! I made that exact dress! Well almost....Grace's had little pink straps and a pink hem so maybe it was a 10 minute dress! lol... The material was the same though. I picked up some great similar material from Spotlight in red too for our two girls so I think maybe the 5 minute version might be in order this time round!

  10. Yay, welcome back mojo! The dress is divine and that bug has scared the shit out of me!

  11. Gorgeous! We'd never know it only took 5 minutes if you hadn't told us

  12. That's so funny :) I was always fascinated with them as a child too. Lovely frock - great idea. Kx

  13. Great dress, I'm impressed with the jumping action that it doesn't wriggle down the chest. Lots of rhino bugs in Brisbane too right now, they are amazing looking creatures!

  14. That is so cute, I had a go at something similar when I was first learning to sew. The perfect project to give you that.."I can do it" attitude....That bug would creep me out

  15. i love that first pose that busy is doing! i laughed. very cute.

  16. i am sooooo jealous you have rhinobugs in your garden! what i would give....


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