Friday, January 07, 2011

School holidays

Thanks to everyone who emailed me yesterday to say YAY- You are in Etsy finds today, which is a daily  email Etsy sends out featuring a few items from Etsy.  It basically means your hits go through the roof. They featured my New York cushion cover which was great and meant an extremely busy morning for me.

Speaking of Busy, school holidays for me and her, only 2 weeks,  and it is a wake up call to me being a full time mum. I am crap at it. How do you keep thinking of new and exciting things to do??? We went to the movies yesterday and of course there has been lots of painting, drawing , sticking etc and playing with her buddies , going to the park, riding her bike jumping on the trampoline... but I am all out of  ideas. It is raining again.
What else is there? Anyone know of any good websites with a million ideas???


  1. Not sure about websites but I'm sure there are still lots of things you can do, and it sounds like you two have been having much fun anyway! What about making a book about her holidays? You could stick in some of her artwork, take photo's, collect tickets/feathers/things to decorate & remember. Check out your local government's website for activities, or the gallery, library, craft shop. Lots of places run holiday programs that she might enjoy. What about some play dates and do a bit of swapping so you get some time to work too? Hope that helps, have fun!! xo

  2. Beck's ideas sound great, I like the book idea.
    it's harder when it's just the one I guess, with two they can amuse &... attack each other.
    today's holiday program includes a visit to a hospital...hmmm, let's see how long Ms curlypops can survive.

  3. Oh dear... can't help you I'm afraid... I told myself that I wanted independent self-starter kids and told them they have to make their own fun... but perhaps the truth is I'm far too selfish with my time and just wanted to do my own thing ;) I think we all do things the way that works for us best, fall into our own rhythms etc. I just love the girls being here - it's so lovely having them home. Have fun hanging out together :) Kx

  4. argh, don't ask me. I am one of those mums who, I am sorry to say, really quite dreads school holidays rather than embraces them... It's not raining here but I have 3 children allergic to fresh air apparently so it might as well be hailing.

  5. I have no real advice, just thinking how some days the ideas just flow (and just as importantly, everyone is happy to go along with the ideas...) and other days it is a bit of a struggle... Hope you had fun in the end today! xo

  6. I LOVE Beck's idea! I might have to borrow it too.
    Great pics and enormous congrats on the Etsy finds. Yay the chook! X

  7. hi Cath. It's blurker Lea coming out to share some holiday ideas:)
    I've been checking out this blog
    Have fun!

  8. I like this website - (even though the voice is American), and we have become quite good at googling 'free games' on the internet. N loves the free jigsaw puzzles she can do on the computer :-)

    I am like you - not good at extended one-on-one (or two in my case). It is exhausting. I long for my book. Or stitching. Or a glass of wine!


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