Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Mojo returns!

I finally had the urge to make something... as soon as I had an order! Of course. Someone lovely bought this, so I had some stitching to do, which also meant I really wanted to make a skirt for Busy. The fabric has been sitting on my machine for months...

Literally as soon as I had to do something....So I decided I had to stitch half the poem before I was allowed to make her anything...

The skirt had to be twirly and have hearts, butterflies and flowers on it. I talked her out of the flowers, gave her a tiny butterfly brooch and sewed some big hearts on the fabric because the hearts on the skirt were the wrong colour ( white) *sigh* fussy enough?? I don't know where she gets that particular-ness from...
It has two layers of frills. I pretty much did this the longest hardest way, not pattern, no idea what I was doing, close up it is shoddy, the waistband is not wide enough, I did everything wrong, but next time I make one it will be better.
But Busy loves it, it loos cute on her and it twirls, and at the end of the day that is all that matters.
What have you made lately?


  1. your right, cuteness and twirliness is whats important!! I have had bit of a sewing reak actually after xmas, though I have ideas floating around so maybe will get stuck into into it again this week.

  2. The return of the "sewjo" seems to be a recurring theme in blogland this week...glad yours is back!

  3. hearts and butterflys and flowers, oh my!
    looks good from this distance!

  4. Very cute! I'm still waiting for the mojo to return after all the Christmas sewing I did. :)

  5. Gorgeous!
    Busy looks so happy in it!X

  6. It is gorgeous! I forced myself to cute out a skirt at the weekend for my daughter. I really wanted to sew- I have been obsessed with knitting the past few months- just getting started after a long break was the hard bit. Nearly finished now and have the next project cut out. Let's hope our mojos stick around.

  7. Lovely twirlyness- my mojo is slowly returning too - good isnt it

  8. Super gorgeous skirt!!! Twirl. Twirl. Twirl. O... I'm dizzy just thinking about it. Lovely dovely.

    Meanwhile I remaind mojo-less. Absolutely without mojo. Umph.

  9. I'm also Mojo-less after major Christmas sewing.
    Love the twirly skirt Cath - and yes, the twirl is what counts. Always ;)

  10. Hooray for sewjo! I love this skirt and I can tell she loves it too!
    It seems I have lost mine now and am patiently (ok not that patiently) awaiting it's return.


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