Monday, May 02, 2011

Mother's Day is on Sunday!!

I thought this could be one of the posts you could oh- so- casually flick over to your husbands email....
Lovely bag for up-coming holidays from hoakonhelga

                                                            Birdfeeder from Studiolicious  (great if you are just about to get a big new huge deck)

                                                       I Love Clouds print from EloiseRenouf

                                                  Black clutch from urbanheirlooms

Brooch from nervoussystem ( or any of the other lovelies)

  Season by Yellena

And as it is too late for most of these to get here by Sunday, its not to late if you have a birthday coming up in a couple of months!


  1. I have ordered Nikky's book due to arrive any day and will be giving that to daddy to give to the kids to give to me on Sunday ;) You have found some lovely things.

  2. Clever...I'm hoping for a lie-in and the chance to use the bathroom without any children in attendance. It's a lot to ask for, I know, but it IS Mother's Day...

  3. Love them all, but don't like my chances, thinking it might be just tea and toast in bed, which will be just as lovely.

    LOVE that the word veri is off.


  4. oh lordy, I'm all frenzied by the sight of that bag. Forget the email to my (totally not doting) husband, must add to cart!

    I'm thanking YOU for my mothers day gift this year!

    em xo

  5. Is there any occasion that black clutch wouldn't be perfect for? Love! x

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  7. Oh, I will try again...
    I noticed something that made me immediatly think of you! I love your map designs, so I wanted to share, hope this link works, but it's the facebook link to "reverse garbage" (saving things from landfill, recycle/crafters heaven) who are releasing a HEAP of maps for sale ($1) tomorrow. Sorry to put this in your comments, but had the urge to pass on to you xx!/reversegarbage

  8. lovely finds- thanks for sharing! I absolutely love Yellena's artwork.


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