Friday, May 06, 2011

Shedding skins

Do we shed our skins? 
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Do we change completely who we are every few years or are we basically the same as we have always been? Do we change when we become a wife? When we become a mother?

What does it mean to change?
When people say you have changed, what do they mean ? Maybe they mean they have changed and you don't have so much in common anymore? Did you ever have much in common or was it just shared history? Do some people live in the way it was? Always looking back? Reminiscing? Do some people live in now, in the moment? How it is now? Or others who are always planning for the future?
 Do animals that shed their skin feel good with their new skin? Do they feel like it is a new beginning? How do we get a new beginning? Do we move to a new place where no one knows us? What if the past catches up with us? Can we ever escape it? Can we change who we really are? Can we change from good to bad? Is anyone really bad? Are they made bad by other people?

How do we get a new skin?
Do some days you feel like you might like one?
Mine would have wings attached. What would your new skin be like?


  1. I like thinking about things like this. Hmm, do we change?
    Yes, I reckon bits of us do. I have a pre chronic illness life (which I romanticise I know)- where I had boundless energy and gave of myself freely. Now, I am more self protective, worried my tank will get empty because it has before. BUT, now I can sit in silence better, with others, hear difficult things, before I was too busy being the life of the party (or, whatever!). I haven't gone from bad- good or vice versa I don't think, but my experience of life has shaped how I see it, what I think is important. I think my underlying values (people are important, kindness is good, tread lightly...that kind of stuff)...have remained in the same general direction.

  2. Wow Cath, those are some serious questions, and good ones.

    I think over the last few years I have definitely been getting a new skin. There have been great losses and great gains as part of the process. It's a skin made of new and old, past and present and probably future as well. It has wings attached and good solid soles that keep me grounded.

  3. These are the things I think.

    People do change, but not very much.

    People do change, but not in predictable ways and not in ways we might choose.

    "Never be afraid of change..." (Bic Runga)

  4. Change or GROW? I like to think that I have grown up and matured. I think that my skin is becoming more comfortable as I get older, that I am changing all the time to adapt to my surroundings. I like the idea of being flexible in mind, body and soul. New skin...No...I don't need new skin, I like the one I have. xx

  5. I agree with Leonie, while i do think we have the copacity to change, I think it's more about growing, maturing, getting stonger, and learning.
    SOmetimes we need to change a habit or a belief or a behaviour, and I know I have done this over my life, but I am still fundamentally me who cries when she sees a dead possum no matter how old she is.
    Im not that comfortable in my skin, but i think that this is something I have to learn to be . i think's it's my challenge if that makes sense and without getting too deep. xo

  6. I don't think I'd like to shed my skin. It shows the experiences and struggles of my life so far - the good, the bad, the ugly. I would however love to be able to shed some dodgy internal organs though!

    People definitely change though. The person who was my best friend and partner for over fifteen years is unrecognisable to me now.

  7. Leonie is a wise soul. I'm with her- no new skin... maybe just some botox?

  8. Today I feel like I have no skin. I feel like everything is going right through and hurting. I am feeling it all.

    I do like to think that we evolve and grow as time goes by. That experiences shape usand hopefully mostly in a positive way.

    I hope you have the most wonderful weekend Chooky. xx

  9. I often wish I could change my skin - for the young and gorgeous version.
    I believe people are capable of change, if not then why bother with anything.
    People awaken, and think and search introspectively and make changes.
    I am not who was at 14 or even at 24 or 34. Yes my history is the same but I am heading on a different road to the one I thought was important at 24 ...

  10. I have traveled life times in this skin, though it is scarred, wrinkled, freckled, and sometimes itchy...I have grown accustom to it. And amazingly it still fits.
    Change yes, growth yes, although I do believe a fresh start is sometimes good, even in the small things.

    Happy Mother's Day to you good Mama!
    (Actually, don't know if you Aussies celebrate it this weekend or not but, happy happy to you regardless!)

  11. I'm hugely into skin-shedding... I think it's as much a part of me as the person within, who evolves through experience, skin-changes and stages of life.

    There's always a period of pain and chaos, where nothing seems to fit, while I hold on to all that I know.... Then I realise I have to let go of everything, throw it all up in the air and see where it lands. The things that come back to me are very, very precious and will continue the journey with me. A whole lot falls by the wayside. Then I can move forward....and find that my new lifestyle/views/home/skin fits me well.

    This is not for everyone, I hear.

    PS. My real skin shows the scars and lines and tells my story well. Apart from the wrinkle across the bridge of my nose, I'm happy enough to keep it... and I'll just have to learn to love that wrinkle.

  12. Maybe their skin never really fit, maybe it's peoples life experiences which make them change and grow into their skin the people they become, a calmness and maturity which helps them to look differently at the world around them, and that's why we see them differently!

  13. Cath, I have been thinking about your post a lot over the last day... about how caterpillars and other animals shed their skin, for new skin that is still similar to, and "true" to, their old self, but a better fit... I like that idea. I also like the idea of complete metamorphosis, and have found myself wondering if caterpillars "know" that they one day will become a butterfly? Thank you Cath!

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  15. I think I shed my skin once, when I was 25. It was a dramatic turning point and I learnt a lot of lessons that year. I think that's how I got my new skin. By learning the lessons I needed to learn to move forward. I'm not a scared, lonely little girl inside anymore. The past still catches up with me and I don't think I can ever escape it. Are you OK?

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  17. Hello lovely.... not sure if you were told already, but one of your cushions is living on the homepage of etsy... Was excited to see it and hear all the positive feedback from buyers... give yourself a pat on the back- from the feedback the map cushions you're selling are highly valued by the customers and add that little unique 'something' to the home xxx

  18. I think my skin would be optionally tougher ;) I think that change is generally good because we learn from it and hopefully move forward. Hope all is okay for you Cath? Kx

  19. Change is inevitable. Though not deliberately we do change. Experience brings change in life


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