Saturday, July 30, 2011

A big Birthday surprise for me!!

Yesterday was my birthday. Not a big birthday just a run of the mill one.
Perhaps he felt the need to try to out do me on the gift being front after this
I reckon he has. 
This is the lap top I do everything on. Its quite a big lap top. Its quite nice.  

but yesterday I got this! 
I just can't get over how big the screen is, - its not much smaller than out TV. It is almost comical in its hugeness... I am excited and overwhelmed. He also bought me photoshop elements.  I think I need photoshop for dummies....
Thanks Chef, you are the best husband in the world.


  1. Happy birthday Cath! This is so cool! I love mine too. You can have more than one page open and see it all clearly. Very envious of your Photoshop software. What a beautiful gift :) Kx

  2. Happy Birthday Cath!
    Wow - that is one gorgeous computer...

  3. ooh photoshop - Goodluck. 'tis a language I do not speak.
    Glad to hear you had an ace day.

  4. OH...YOU WONT KNOW YOURSELF!!! I LOVE my MAC!!!!! Happy birthday to YOU!! hip hip hooray!!

  5. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a tops day!...and I have some serious Mac envy! Lucky you!

  6. Happy birthday to you!

    Don't know much about ocmputers but that looks darn snazzy!

  7. OH YAY!!
    totally excellent, and totally deserved.
    So glad the Chef knows a thing or two about spoiling xo

  8. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah baby. Photoshop is awesome sauce, but that computer, oh my, I think my heart stopped just looking at it.

    Happy Birthday, AGAIN! ;)

  9. VERY cool choice of computers hubby!

  10. Oh yeah, thats got the blood running!! Need to get me some of that!!!! A big Happy Bday to you, lucky duck!!

  11. Happy birthday Cath, that is an amazing gift which I am sure will come in very handy. Happy days xx

  12. Awesome gift! Did he bake cake too?
    Happy birthday, I hope you had the most awesome-est day ever!

  13. happy birthday to ya.... happy birrrrrrrthday etc!
    mine was thurs so we are alike leonesses perhaps.

    i got uggs and tonsilitos. you got mac. you so win!

    here's hoping you steered well clear of chop chop sew this weekend!

    enjoy your marvellous gifts.

  14. Happy Birthday Cath! You will love iMac. I've got one and remember my head zooming all over the screen for a while but you do get used to it. You are a lucky girl.

  15. Lucky girl!

    Happy birthday Cath.

  16. happy birthday to cath. tidy work by the chef. mine got me a macbook air last birthday. nice. . . although it's only fuelled my computer addiction.

  17. ka-chow! that's the bees knees if you ask me!

    green with envy.

    Happy birthday!

  18. they are pretty sweet machines ... we were totally sold on the sexy ... it's just darn sexy that mac.

  19. Happy Birthday Cath!! Deliriously Happy Birthday!
    Funny, I remember thinking the same thing about the screen size. It seemed crazy huge. It made my blog look teensy. It's amazing how quickly you get used to it. xx

  20. HB, chook! I too got a computer for my birthday (on the 31st)... love those thoughtful husbands. Mine is a laptop, as I'm all for the portability right now, but I must admit to some SCREEN ENVY - blinking enormous!`


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