Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Serenity without sugar

Despite the busy-ness of the shop and the fact that we are renovating (I will show you when it is finished) things seemed to have calmed down to a steady roar... we are all working hard at home and work but we have a carrot swaying at the end of the stick now, a holiday overseas in November. To a relaxing place. A place that we have convinced Busy will mean she must eat rice and more vegetables before we go as they may not have other foods she likes. She has been reluctant but is motivated by the elephants.

The renovations are somewhat complete insofar as we can use the new space and I already feel like our house has grown and that we can all spread our wings a little. Also a massive tidy up of the sewing room, to make way for the computer (see previous post) and I am feeling organised and calmer.

My immediate family may argue about the alleged serenity as I have decided to give up sugar and just may be a little agitated (it is day 3). People who know me probably just fell off their chair with shock - but I feel like I am a slave to it and am sick of getting cravings for it, eating it and then feeling bad because I ate so much ( mainly chocolate). It hasn't been nearly as hard as I thought but I have been feeling a little tense at times... reminding myself I am in withdrawal and need to be nice to myself.  I have been reading a bit about it and although I don't eat much processed food I do add it to lots of cups of tea/ coffee etc,and well, need to remind myself it is not actually good for me. I don't know how long this will last but I am giving it a go. I have been travelling to some new places too:

Serbia, LasVegas
WA/NT, Zambia
Mereweather Ocean Baths, Brazil

What have you been up to?


  1. Dangling carrots on sticks sound just the ticket. I'm off to rummage in the bottom of the fridge and see if I can't come up with something similar. Jaw on floor re: the sugar. GOOD FOR YOU.

  2. Hi Cath I gave up sugar specIfically fructose about two weeks ago and feel amazing - can't quite believe it! I love my chocolate too but I think ditching all the juices I drank has made the most difference. If you haven't already seen it Sarah Wilson blog has lots of info on sugar free food.

  3. Good on you for giving up the sugar. Even if it does turns out to be for the short term it is good to have a "clean out" occassionly.

  4. I know that getting rid of sugar is good would be good for me but i just can't enjoy a tea or coffee without a bit. I have cut back- does that count?

    Lovely to have a holiday to look forward to. Part of the fun is the anticipation.

  5. Hi Cath..I've just gone on sugar withdrawal today too..and my body already likes it but my mind has had a couple of screaming sessions..tantrums I'd say even. I am determined to persevere though. All the best with your quest to overcome the sugar demons too.

  6. We gave up sugar, fructose, in March and haven't looked back. Good luck!

  7. goodluck with ditching the sugar!
    I really need to cure by love of honey...ahhhh
    hope you are viewing this comment from you MEGA screen ♥

  8. I do wish I had the willpower. I did do it once and felt great, but I always go back to the devil that is sugar :(

  9. oh where oh where are you holidaying?

    We are to vietnam and cambodia for christmastime, last time we went, Rex lived on bananas, and banana milkshakes...

    And thanks oh thanks and thanks for the lovely merewether number!

  10. Sugar.....WHAT are you NUTTS????

    he he xx

  11. Oh My god , you are brave! is this a permanent change or a one of those cleansers.
    I take my hat off to you.
    Your time to bow x

  12. How are you feeling today? Hope you are over the worst bit of sugar cold turkey, it sounds like a good & healthy plan. And how lovely to have a holiday to look forward to, I think we all need some gold at the end of the rainbow. Glad to hear you & so busy with your work, it's always ace to see handmade products doing so well. Yay for you! x

  13. so, when I first read this, I was in front of the computer eating something very sugary... after eating way too many sugary things during the day... so am a little in awe of you. I think I may have to give it a try (but not today!!)
    and what a lovely carrot to have dangling in front of you all... xo

  14. Oh you are brave my friend. I could give up almost anything but sugar... I would be a monster to live with!
    Love the carrot-dangling plan. I need me one of those.
    Oh - Happy Birthday too!!!


  15. What the heck? Without sugar, what on earth is the point of dessert? And therefore, the point of life? I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why a person who is not intolerant or allergic would give up sugar. It is beyond my tiny mind to grasp what on earth would possess a person to do such a thing??!!

  16. Hey! Nice to meet you! I have just came across your site, but I am also trying to give up sugar, I think my blog post about it was about a week before yours! How are you going with it? I was doing ok (apart from nasty withdrawals) but had a night off last night to celebrate with my husband. I was surprsised that I didn't enjoy it as much as I expected. I am going to try and keep going until the 27 august. How long are you planning on trying to do?

  17. Elephants! I'm jealous. And inspired by the sugar thingy.

  18. Ahh, how familiar this is.

    I gave up sugar - that is, a maximum of two pieces of fruit a day, no dried fruit at all, and nothing, absolutely nothing processed with sugar in it - for about three months and was feeling great! My motivation was to cure me of my cravings, too. I found myself obsessed with sweet foods and would eat shop-bought cake, for instance, just because it was in front of me, not because I enjoyed it. (My sugar-free state came to an abrupt end when I went to stay with My Aunt the Fruit Loop and didn't cope well.)

    Fast-forward a couple of years and I just went off sugar again 10 days ago. I'm already noticing an improvement. I still can't look through a recipe book without lingering over the sweet section but I can have someone else eat a treat in front of me and not lose my cool...

    Well done to you for sticking through it so far. You can do it!

  19. I really need to do the sugar thing too. Thanks for the reminder! And love your new photo cushions by the way.

  20. Yes... me thinks it might be time for me to give up the sugar too.
    Looking forward to seeing your renovations... so over renovating myself - always seems like a good idea until living in filth and chaos.
    Loving the new cushions too :)


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