Friday, July 15, 2011

Want to win something???

So you want to win something right??? Pop over to Pips house and click on Giveaway::Holy Hooray (click on the words not the picture) and enter her fab giveaway! All you have to do is sponsor Pips Dry July team for $2 or more and you could win- amongst other things one of these stunning gorgeous Antarctica cushion from  My Bearded Pigeon  (because the little bearded pigeon is starting to breathe again after his busy month but is still actually dreaming about maps, cutting fabric, and the people that work at the post office)

So really you could get this cushion for $2!!! $2!!! Plus a whole truck load of other goodness!!!
Some body in my house who loves beer is also doing DryJuly although not officially with sponsors and he is doing really well, making his Mrs very proud of his efforts. He has succeeded even in spite of  participation in acts requiring beer like helping with house renovations and chopping firewood. He is doing great, half way today babes. Very proud. mwah!
Please come and join us on twitter -I am so converted now talk about a complete turnaround because now I GET it!! It is not just people telling you what they are eating which is what I thought it is hilarious!!! the commentary during masterchef (from pottymouthmama amongst others is HILARIOUS as in laughing so hard that couldn't speak, plus the turmoil faced when Nina was deciding between Patrick and Chris ( der- so obviously Patrick Nina!!!) and people talking the carbon tax when Julia Guillard was on Qand A. And ABC news says good morning to me everymorning. I like that.


  1. Love your cushions Cath :) Sounds like a great idea. My Mr's been dry since January - he loves not feeling 'fuzzy' all the time, and I love it that he's not so tired and grumpy all the time ;) Kx

  2. I entered Cath!
    Thanks for the heads up.
    I reblogged it too, and I gave the cushion a special mention- hope that's okay?!

  3. Wow, another Twitter convert! I have to admit I still don't really get it! Dry July sounds like a great idea, that's a bandwagon I'd happily jump on. x


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