Friday, September 09, 2011


Funeral Blues
Stop all the clocks, turn off the telephone
prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone
silence the pianos and with muffled drum
bring out the coffin, let the mourners come

Let aeroplanes circle moaning overhead
scribble the sky the message she is dead
put crepe bows around the white necks of public doves
let the traffic police wear black cotton gloves

She was our North, our South, our East, and West
our working week and our Sunday rest
our noon our midnight our talk our song
We thought that love would last forever;
  We were wrong

The stars are not wanted now; put out everyone;
pack up the moon and dismantle the sun
pour away the ocean and sweep up the wood;
for nothing now can come to any good.

W.H Audin.

How can a wonderful mother, a beautiful sister to my very special friend and a funny and loving woman die so young? These children need their mother, like all children do. It makes me question everything.

The world is quieter now without her. She fought hard like we knew she would. I cry not for my own loss which is small in comparison but for her sister who I love so very much and her young children and husband. I made this cross stitch for her when she was first diagnosed. She loved it, it was so her.

So in her honour, I am making this cross stitch pattern available to all to download and use, in the hope that many of you will never have too. You can download it here.
Hug your loved ones tighter today.


  1. Love to you and to her family. I am truly so sorry.

  2. Cancer does fucken suck. Love and hugs to you and her family, so sorry for such a loss. My Dad has recently been diagnosed with Lymphoma and I'm just getting my head around it all - praying for a cure!

  3. C...

    I'm so, so, very sorry. I can't begin to imagine how everyone near and dear works out where to go from here.


  4. It is one of the worse things. And that cross stitch sums it up.
    No comparison to human life but it has even struck our loving dog only this week.
    sending kind thoughts your way.

  5. So sorry to hear about your friend and now the hole in her family and in your hearts. This hasn't been a good week all around. I hope for comfort for you all.

  6. I'm so sorry to hear that Cath. My sister lost her fight with cancer nearly nine years ago, leaving behind her three year old son. It's so unfair and it doesn't make sense. Sending you, your friend and her family lots of love and hugs xx

  7. ohhh sucks, it sure does!
    hugs ♥

  8. I am so sorry Cath. My thoughts with her children and her family.

  9. oH Cath, I'm so so sorry. Big love to you and her family xoxo

  10. So sad to hear about your friend, I'm so sorry for her children and family, and for you. As we've found in our own community, the loss of a mother & friend is felt by all, and in many ways. I think as a mum we can feel the pain even more, because we know how precious mums are to their kids. Go gently Cath, look after yourself. Thinking of you xo

  11. I am so sorry for your loss Cath. xo

  12. Oh Cath, I'm so sorry. Sending love to you and your friend and her family. Kx

  13. I'm so sorry Cath, for you, her family and her friends. Wish I was close enough to give you a real life hug, but sending you my love xo

  14. I'm so sorry! For your loss & her families. I can't imagine!

  15. So sorry for your loss. My Mum died of cancer nearly a year ago. It is the most horrible disease.

  16. Her children will love to hear your stories about her one day too.

    They say you die physically first, and your final death is the last time someone says your name. I hope her dear children and surrounded by people who always talk of their Mum, even when it is really hard to do.

    Cancer really fucking sucks.

  17. Oh. Bugger. Poo. Bum. Sux alright.
    Love to all. Take the strength in love around you & use it as needed.
    And.. Joe sends big wet sloppy open mouthed (with tongue poking out) to you too.

  18. Oh Cath. So dreadful. Heart goes out... xx

  19. So sorry, Cath. Sometimes life & the things that happen in it are truly impossible to understand.

  20. Lots of hugs to you. And thank you for sharing the pattern. I'm going to give it a try for my two aunties diagnosed with breast cancer. Though one is a retired nun, so I might have to change the 'fucking' part. Then again, she'd probably still laugh!

    I love your blog, and hope things turn happier for you soon. T x

  21. Oh..cath, I'm so sorry to hear this devastating news.
    (((hugs)) xx

  22. Too sad. This world can be so fucked up at times. I'm so sorry for your loss Cath. I'm devestated for your friend and her sister's young family too. Unfair.


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